A focus on supporting regional growth and building local partnerships has seen the Datacom Hawke’s Bay team nearly double in recent months – and they’re on the hunt for a new, collaborative office space to accommodate the growth.

“We’ve invested in growing the team to ensure we have skilled people on the ground who can work alongside our local organisations to help them reach their potential,” says Hayden Mckee, who joined the Hawke’s Bay team at the end of last year, taking on the role of Associate Director Growth Enablement.

Mckee, who is the former CEO of LANtech, says having the right technology partner and identifying opportunities to innovate digitally can be transformational for businesses, and can enable sustainable growth even in a constrained market.

Other new additions to the strong regional team in recent months include Client Director Kahl Olsen, Lead Consultant Anthony Gouder, Team Leader Aiden Bickers, Programme Manager Alex Mckee, Principal Consultant Diana Kirkland, Full Stack Technical Lead Alex White, and Lisa Skilton, who came on board as an engineer with Tech Cloud Prof Services.

“We’re really proud of the work we’re doing with local companies and now we’re on the hunt for a collaborative working space in Hastings where we can get together with our customers and partners in the community and accommodate our growing team,” says Mckee.

“Our regions are vital growth engines for the whole country, and we want to make sure we’re acting as a catalyst for the success of local businesses. We want to help more Hawke’s Bay businesses to identify smarter ways of working and opportunities to innovate, and we think being on the ground with them gives us the best opportunity to do that.”

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Hayden Mckee says he and his team are proud of the work they are doing with local companies and want to make sure Datacom is acting as a catalyst for success in regions like Hawke's Bay

Hastings Mayor Sandra Hazlehurst says Datacom’s investment in growing its local team is an indication of the strength of the region and the many thriving local organisations that are based there.

“It’s a real positive to see the country’s largest homegrown technology company making a commitment to our local companies,” says Hazlehurst. “Having the right support and expertise on hand is an important advantage for any business and we would be excited to see them establish their new base in Hastings.”

Alasdair Macleod, Hawke’s Bay Regional Economic Development Agency says it is great to see Datacom’s expansion in the region.

“Growing regions need dependable, innovative companies like Datacom to fuel that growth. Businesses are attracted to Hawke’s Bay because it offers substantial opportunities across a diverse range of sectors, solid economic foundation, cost effective operating conditions and is well connected to the rest of New Zealand.”

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