Our leadership team guides our business of 6650 team members across more than 26 locations. One of the core foundations for the leadership team and the decisions they make are Datacom's values and behaviours. Our values centre on respecting and valuing everyone's contribution, understanding that collaboration is critical to success and always looking beyond today to ensure we are contributing to a positive future with the decisions we make today.

  • Greg Davidson
    Group Chief Executive Officer
  • Siobhan Gallacher
    Group Director, People
  • Quentin Lowcay
    Head of Legal and Commercial
  • Karl Wright
    Group Chief Information Officer
  • Alexandra Coates
    Managing Director, Technology Services, AU
  • Justin Gray
    Managing Director, Technology Services, NZ
  • Stacey Tomasoni
    Managing Director, Connect
  • Mike Porteous
    Head of Corporate Strategy
  • Alex Mercer
    Head of Group Marketing and Communications
  • Peter Nelson
    Managing Director, SaaS Products
  • Simon Poole
    Acting Chief Financial Officer
  • Vickesh Kambaran
    Director, Strategy Enablement

We have six core values – outlined below – that guide our behaviours and the culture at Datacom. Our team is also guided by our vision and purpose. Our vision is to enable our customers, communities and countries to thrive and shape their own futures. Our purpose is to make a difference to people's lives by turning the imaginable into reality. With our values as the foundation, our teams use their skills, knowledge and experience to help our customers find new and better ways of working and use technology to solve their challenges and create new opportunities.

Our values

  • Exceed customer expectations

    Our customers' success drives what we do. We walk in their shoes, deliver on our promise and find ways to go above and beyond to help achieve their goals.
  • Look beyond today

    Our curiosity drives our continuous evolution. We will encourage freedom to explore, discover and learn. Together, we can create an exciting future.
  • Thrive together

    We actively collaborate and think long-term for our customers, our partners and our people.
  • Everyone has a part

    We commit to respectfully see the world through other peoples' eyes and encourage their contribution to a better place.
  • It’s the people

    We are caring and humble and foster an environment where we can bring our best selves to work. Our people make the difference.
  • Courage to act

    We are bold with our customers, partners and each other. We show strength and have confidence to speak up and take action.
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