Every organisation wants a resilient technology platform to underpin their operations – but for some teams making the right tech choices and eliminating downtime is even more critical.

In a single month this year, this emergency services provider attended over 7000 incidents ranging from motor vehicle accidents to fires, medical emergencies to extreme weather events. Which is why their team needs an always-on tech environment with 24/7 support.

When Datacom began working with the organisation the team was facing a decision about whether to invest in new hardware or refresh their existing hardware that was out of date, and what to do about their application footprint that was reaching the end of its supported lifecycle.

A cloud plan fit for the future

“While they were already using parts of the Azure platform, there was not enough planning in place around future-proofing the platform or ensuring the team were getting the most out of it,” says Datacom Practice Lead Desiree Hutcheon.

“We used the Cloud Adoption Framework to assist with developing the right strategy, which factored in business outcomes, financial considerations and technical considerations. We listened to what the customer needed and worked through the key stages together of ‘Plan, Ready, Migrate, Secure, Manage, Govern’ to build the right solution for them.”

Photo of Desiree Hutcheon wearing a navy blue top smiling in front of a window
Building the right solution for the customer meant listening to their needs and working through the key Cloud Adoption Framework stages together, says Desiree Hutcheon.

The project had lots of moving parts and Datacom helped the organisation to set up their Landing Zone, assess their environment for migration roadmapping, and manage their SQL migration from a legacy on premise SQL server to a mixture of Managed Instance and Azure SQL with more than 300 servers being migrated in total.

Desiree says the project, which also saw Datacom assist a third party with the migration of their core application into Azure, was just the first phase of an ongoing partnership with the emergency services team.

“We have transitioned them to our cloud ops team, who are able to bridge the gap between their team’s own skills and expertise in cloud and help maintain, support and monitor their environment 24/7.”

Tangible benefits from cloud shift

“At Datacom we always talk about the ‘journey to cloud’ because it is not a one-off activity. Our next steps with them are around modernisation and ensuring their team can realise the full value and benefits of cloud. We always want our customers to feel that we are their trusted technology partner, there to work alongside them and ensure that their cloud consumption strategy is fit for purpose.”

By working with Datacom’s experienced cloud team, the emergency services organisation has been able to unlock multiple tangible benefits and set themselves up for the future needs and demands they are likely to face.

Some of the upfront benefits include avoiding additional hardware costs and measurable improvements in the flexibility and reliability of their tech platform. Looking to the future, the organisation has the capacity and agility to innovate faster and scale at speed.

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