Conferences, weddings, parties – whatever their customers need, the team at TW Events and Incentives will deliver. With two world-class venues in Invercargill, they’ve worked on a wide range of premium events, from the Southern Oyster Bash to the Road Transport Hall of Fame gala dinner to NZAS’s Night at the Museum.

TW Events and Incentives is part of southern tourism hub Transport World, home to world class museum collections Bill Richardson Transport World and Classic Motorcycle Mecca, which both offer dedicated events spaces on site. The result? Uniquely memorable settings for TW Events’ clients and their guests.

Seamless systems, seamless event

It takes an enormous amount of coordination and attention to detail to run an event company – and the right systems can really help.

“We’ve always got lots of different balls in the air here at TW Events,” says TW Events and Incentives events manager Adam Reinsfield.

“For instance, we’ve got one conference coming up that incorporates three different dinner events for delegates, daily meetings with different AV needs, plus the added pressure of moving delegates between our two venues. It’s a lot to organise.”

“We’re providing a premium service, so it’s important to make it as seamless as possible for our clients and take all the stress out of the experience. We want – and need – our background systems to be seamless, too.”

Group image of the TW events team
The TW Events team including Events Manager Adam Reinsfield (second from left): “Implementing our new system has added to our quiet confidence about the future and growth of our business.”

‘Datacom made it so easy’

The TW Events team was using a few different systems to capture their clients’ details, from the earliest leads through to dietary requirements for guests. It often required someone to move information between various systems, which was time-consuming and left room for mistakes.

Adam knew that a better platform could help his team work more efficiently, and he started researching various CRM systems. After looking at bids from local vendors, he decided to go with the Datacom team.

“When it came to the technical side, the Datacom team really broke it down in the bid process,” says Adam. “They made it so easy, and that was what I liked. They’ve been awesome.”

Datacom provided a preconfigured Dynamic 365 Rapid Sales CRM, with a fixed price and scope for TW Events. It was implemented in mid-May 2022 and went live after four weeks, just in time for the BEIA Meetings 2022 event.

“Rather than start with a blank canvas and ask 'what do you want?', we led with our Rapid Sales CRM packaged offering. This provides our clients with a foundational set of common features for handling key sales data, such as contacts, leads and opportunities, and provides dashboards for sales activity reporting, personalised to their business processes,” says Rowland Parr, Datacom's GM Business Platforms & Data.

“It allows our clients to launch a new sales CRM into the business within just a matter of weeks and then build out the next wave of functionality from user feedback once live with the initial solution.”

Instant improvement in productivity

The new CRM instantly delivered improvements for the TW Events team.

“We’re a lot more productive and a lot more efficient, because this platform has taken several steps out of the process. It’s reduced stress, manage things more effectively, and allowed us to juggle more clients. We’re very happy with the outcome.”

This has been the perfect time to implement a more streamlined system, because TW Events has experienced a vigorous post-pandemic bounce-back. While lockdowns hit the business hard in 2020 and 2021, Adam says the difficult period led the company to become leaner and more cost-effective.

After two years of cancelled events, postponed weddings, and deferred conferences, there was enormous pent-up demand coming into 2022. With its leaner structure and better processes, TW Events has been able to make the most of the surge in bookings – in fact, Adam is currently hiring to help support the company’s growth.

A dance floor with a dancer inside a bubble surrounded by people
Southland event the Neptune Ball, hosted at Bill Richardson Transport World.

As Southland’s hospitality and tourism sectors gain momentum, TW Events is poised to capture every opportunity. TW plans to work with Datacom to get the very most from Dynamic 365 and look at additional applications to support the team as they grow the business.

“We’re seeing an increase in international inquiries, and local businesses are willing to invest in regional event travel,” Adam says. “Implementing our new system has added to our quiet confidence about the future and growth of our business.”

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