Datacom has once again helped inspiring technological students prepare for their exams.

Our public sector digital team helped the year 11 pupils from St Hilda's Collegiate School in Dunedin to prepare for their external assessment of HCI (Human Computer Interaction) as well as give them an insight into the various career opportunities and services that we have to offer.

We asked the students from the all-girls school to review their school’s website from the school’s perspective, as well as their parents’ (similar to a business-to-consumer (B2C) level).

As part of an industry style, client-focused workshop, we wanted the girls to treat the school as if it was a client. With an imaginative and unlimited budget, they had to assess what they thought was good and bad about the website from both perspectives, create personas of who would typically use the website, and develop wireframes (a framework) for the site.

Following their successful presentations, the girls were asked by their digital tech teacher, Julie McMahon, to present their ideas to the school’s senior leadership team, which has led to plans to update the website.

In addition, the pupils have also completed their exams, with over 80 per cent of the class passing with a merit or excellence.

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