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Datascape Online Bookings

Make it easier for customers to get the most out of council facilities and services with Datascape Online Bookings.

Make it easier for customers to get the most out of council facilities.

Datascape Online Bookings let councils optimise their efficiency through a digital booking solution. It transforms how a community accesses council facilities and services.

Implementing this online booking system lets people in your community book and pay for a range of facilities and services easily, and it also lets your organisation magnify and accelerate revenue streams. Datascape Online Bookings provides a versatile digital solution empowering your organisation to give your community instant, direct access to services. It's easy to use for public and staff, and implementation is simple, saving you significant time and costs.

You can choose which council facilities and services to include as bookable options. This includes:

  • Meeting rooms
  • Recreation centres
  • Community centres
  • Shared spaces
  • Sports ground
  • Waste management
  • Appointments
  • Tour places.

How does it work?

  1. Search for facilities and services: customers search for a venue name, activity, location, date, or any combination of these.
  2. Make bookings and payments: customers create a one-off booking or a series of bookings and make payments to secure them.
  3. Manage bookings: through an admin portal, staff can view and update bookings. Communication and documents are automatically sent to relevant parties.
  4. Track bookings: monitor the usage of your facilities and services with intuitive analytical reports.

Councils have many facilities that can be booked. These facilities can be more accessible to the community by making them accessible digitally. The public can find out what is available, features, and costs, and then book.

Mark Matijevic
Director local government solutions, Datacom

Instant access

To make, change, or cancel a booking, and update information or view transaction history, customers simply log in to their account for access to an online bookings and payments menu.

Any device

Your customers can find and book facilities and services online, on any device, at any time.

No more double bookings

See the real-time availability of your facilities and services and ensure customers are guaranteed their booking every time.

More bookings, less work

Customers can self-serve and book their own council facilities and services. Council staff spend less time making manual bookings and spend their valuable time on other tasks.

Our expertise includes

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