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Secure web access

Datacom's secure web access managed service connects users, devices and workloads across networks.

Connect with confidence

You can now seamlessly connect users, devices and workloads across any network, anytime, with Datacom's market-defining secure web access managed service powered by Zscaler. Our products and services connect with approximately 80% of New Zealanders each month. We imagine, transform and support Aotearoa’s digital ecosystems to help our nation prosper. 

Secure and simple online access

▪ Seamless and cost-effective set-up by removing barriers such as Unified Threat Management (UTM) and firewall sprawl. 

▪ Protect your business and stay compliant by preventing data leaks.

▪ Provide a higher level of assurance for your people and customers by protecting their information.

Streamline the future of work

▪ No costly hardware to install and maintain.

▪ Easy to scale up and down quickly.

▪ Work remotely with confidence and no barriers.

Why does Zero Trust matter?
Insights from 200+ cybersecurity decision-makers.
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Secure all your data channels
Increase productivity
Reduce cyber attacks
Prevent data leaks

Secure all your data channels

In motion, at rest and across all end points - with one simple, integrated platform.

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Secure all your data channels

Secure all your data channels

In motion, at rest and across all end points - with one simple, integrated platform.

Reduce complexity, increase productivity

Reduce complexity, increase productivity

Streamline your legacy network and security framework to enable your employees to work securely from anywhere using the internet as the corporate network. 

Reduce cyber attacks from occurring

Reduce cyber attacks from occurring

Cybercriminals can’t attack what they can’t see, which is why our secure integration with Zscaler’s Secure Web Gateway allows you to hide applications from anyone other than those with authorised access.

Prevent data leaks

Prevent data leaks

Datacom's certified speacialist team makes sure an attack does not lead to data loss and compliance violations for your organisation.

Work from anywhere – the new normal

  • Performance and protection

    Employees are empowered to work from anywhere, and performance tends to take precedence over security. Get both with our secure web access service providing advanced data protection technology.
  • Remove the roadblocks

    Break down barriers and increase your productivity by accessing your data anywhere, anytime using our secure connection. This improves the experience for your business by keeping information safe.
  • Secure remote working

    Our secure web access service lets you govern access between resources increasing your cybersecurity without the headache of complex network segmentation.

We've got you covered

Datacom designs, configures and deploys your bespoke web access solution into your organisation. Once implemented, our certified secure web access specialists manage your web access and maintain data hygiene in line with best practices. All with 24/7 support.

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You're in safe hands - Zscaler Zenith partner

Datacom is excited to partner with Zscaler to offer seamless connectivity across any network, anytime, using Zscaler’s market-defining Secure Web Gateway. Through achieving the Zenith partner status, we have more than 30 certified specialists across Australia and New Zealand, leaving us uniquely positioned to leverage the depth of our shared experience to support your bespoke web access solution. 

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Our partner

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