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Accelerate your agile software development delivery with Squad in a Box.

Accelerate your agile software development delivery with Squad in a Box.

Squad in a Box is the most effective way to plug a new agile software development team into your pipeline.

Making sure new squads deliver what you need takes people, process, and technology. We've bundled these elements together, leveraging our frameworks to ensure we integrate the squad into your team quickly and effectively.

Blended teams, where your staff combines with ours, give that balance of scale and critical business knowledge. Using the agile methodology, your product owner gives you complete control of the team. 

By partnering with Datacom, we have built a world-class digital channel supported by design and delivery processes, and a skilled, scalable, and agile workforce befitting New Zealand’s largest insurer."

Billy Miller
Digital executive manager, IAG

Ensure success

We've refined our framework-driven approach to ensure you get value out of every minute spent with your new squad. We ensure a smooth process for your business, your product owners, and your agile teams.

Stay in control

Let us help set up your new squad and integrate it into your business. Then you can control the backlog.

Scale quickly

Squad in the Box is the perfect way to scale up from one squad to many. You can scale it all back the minute you finish.

Cultural alignment

We hand-pick the people best suited for your organisation and its culture. Getting the right people makes the process and technology even better.

Our expertise include

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Application management

Maintaining and enhancing your existing applications through reliable application management.

Capability development

Let us help your development teams be the best through automation testing, DevOps, and agile training.


The foundation of digital transformation.

Software projects

Datacom's agile software development and application development set your business up for success.