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Datacom and Google for Business bring you the tools and solutions to empower your cloud workforce for business success.

Business intelligence for the future — cloud-first.

Partner with Datacom and Google for Business to free up your resources and thrive.

Today’s workplace needs one core element above all others: it needs to be dynamic. Your team needs to be able to collaborate and communicate efficiently, whether they’re together in the office or working separately from home offices or client sites.

To be successful, a dynamic, agile, and mobile workforce relies on low operating costs, security, speed, and simplicity of management.

Datacom has partnered with Google to help you spend less time managing software and more time growing your business.

Switching to Google Chrome OS allows you to manage a fleet of devices at scale and with ease. Empower your team to do everything from anywhere, on any device.

Cloud migration made simple

Cloud-based software is no longer just nice to have. The compounded returns mean cloud-based software has become a must-have for any enterprise-level business.

When you partner with Datacom, you’re giving your business the edge you need to compete today. A faster infrastructure is only the beginning. We’ll help your team to become:

  • More productive

    Share work easier across a distributed team securely and collaborate faster.
  • More agile

    Optimise your infrastructure to be scalable with an adaptable cloud solution.
  • More confident

    Peace of mind with Datacom 24/7 support and Google’s best-in-class AI (artificial intelligence).

The four pillars of a cloud-first business

Learn how Datacom and Google bring together the four key elements into a single cloud-first capability.

  1. The browser
  2. The operating system
  3. The hardware
  4. Enterprise management capabilities

Find out how each of these pillars contributes to improved productivity, security, and cost-efficiency in our new guide: The four pillars of a cloud-first business.

Cover of 'The four pillars of a cloud-first business' eBook

Unlock the fast, secure, and flexible capabilities of Chrome OS

Chrome devices
From Chromebook enterprise devices with business capabilities already unlocked to easily upgradable options, there’s a wide array of solutions for getting work done.
295 per cent return on investment
Three hours saved per device for workers each week
$477,000 in IT management cost savings
Chrome OS
The nerve centre of a cloud-focused business, Chrome OS provides mobile, secure, and easy to manage access to cloud-based tools.
Fast deployment
Hassle-free endpoint management
Regular background updates
Always up to date
In sync, anywhere
Chrome browser
The browser with proactive defence against threats and careless users. Built-in protection to safeguard your organisation from external and internal threats.
Regular updates
Site isolation
Password alert
Extension security

Embrace digital transformation with solid security and powerful AI

Transform the way you work with the latest email, collaboration, and messaging platforms. Chrome OS includes the secure Chrome browser, designed and optimised for productivity. The Chrome browser puts you in control of:

  • Identity and access management
  • Machine learning for inventory management
  • Mobile workspace integration on Android and iOS


Man watching a video series on his chromebook

Benefits of Datacom and Google for Business

Together, Datacom and Google bring you the tools and solutions to empower your cloud workforce for business success.

  • Smart

    Lower costs, simplify operations, reduce security risks, and decrease downtime with Chromebooks.
  • Simple

    Reduce the complexity of deploying and managing your end-to-end device fleet.
  • Shareable

    Create an environment to facilitate cloud collaboration and communication.
  • Speed

    Get your connected and secure device fleet up and running in days.
  • Specific

    The broadest selection of tools and Chromebooks for every type of cloud worker to help them be productive from anywhere.
  • Secure

    Chrome OS and devices are secure by design. Sandboxed tabs and apps isolate vulnerabilities at the OS layer, while the built-in Titan-C chip offers hardware-level encryption by default.