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Delivering the power of the cloud to everyone in your organisation. Enterprise, government, small- and medium-sized business, and even the classroom.

About Google.

A true internet pioneer known for products like Google Maps, Gmail, and the Google search engine, Google has billions of users around the world. Its Google Workspace (previously G Suite) productivity tools for organisations, and Google for Business, Google for Education, and Chromebook offerings make it easy for businesses through to schools to get online and stay productive.

Google has made a huge range of technologies available to its customers — such as embedded artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, digital assistants, search, maps, and voice technology. All of these technologies are seamlessly integrated into Google Cloud.

Datacom's partnership with Google.

Datacom’s partnership with Google is broad and allows customers to realise the full benefits of the cloud throughout their organisation.

Google Cloud delivers end-to-end security solutions from the data centre all the way to the device with a purpose-built infrastructure that’s secure by default. Empowered with Google Cloud Platform, Google Workspace, the cloud-first Chrome OS for enterprise and education, and Android Enterprise, Datacom helps our customers harness the cloud so they may innovate, collaborate, and automate across any device, anywhere at any time.

When the smarts of Google and the can-do of Datacom is combined, Chromebooks, Pixel phones, Google Workspace, Google for Education, and the Google Cloud platform deliver simply amazing results and outcomes.

Datacom's partnership with Google.

Together, Datacom and Google bring you the tools and solutions to empower your distributed workforce for business success. Leverage Datacom’s expertise to deploy, manage, and secure your technology environment today, while utilising Google's wide selection of tools to empower your employees to work securely from anywhere.

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