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Google for Education

From students to staff, connect, create, and collaborate with Google for Education and Datacom. Education for tomorrow’s world.

The future is unknown, but for today’s students, one thing is certain: everything they do will have a digital component.

That means schools and the education industry need to prepare children for the ubiquity of digital in their futures by blending digital components throughout the curriculum, today.

This is why Datacom has partnered with Google for Education to transform teaching and learning through the power of the cloud. By unlocking the capabilities of Google Chrome OS, Chromebooks, and Google Workspace for Education, learning outcomes are furthered, and students and staff can benefit from the simple, secure, and shareable world of Google for Education.

  • Simple

    Tools that are assistive, inclusive, and accessible so that educators can spend time focusing on helping students reach their full potential.
  • Secure

    Secure-by-design infrastructure, built-in protection, and a global network that secures information and safeguards privacy. 
  • Shareable

    Collaboration and creativity through engaged learning environments make for more exciting, immersive, and effective education.

Google for Education in the classroom

Digital learning into tomorrow

A successful e-learning strategy is as much about people and planning as it is about choosing the right technology.

Datacom has developed a five-step methodology for schools to successfully implement Google for Education across every classroom. By following this methodology, schools can:

  • Understand and benefit from Google for Education wherever the learning environment may be, e.g, in classrooms or remote learning
  • Ensure all teachers and staff are comfortable with routinely utilising Google for Education within the classroom
  • Align new digital activities and processes with current curriculum frameworks.

Download our guide to developing an effective Google for Education strategy.

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A secure foundation for digital learning

Security should always be a consideration, but it shouldn’t be a distraction — especially from class time. Fortunately, when tools include security by design, they’re simultaneously more secure and easier to configure.

With Google for Education, schools can run IT infrastructure with greater efficiency than before, even as a school expands its use of IT to become a leader in digital education.

  • Add users, manage devices, and configure security and settings to keep students, teachers, and data safe
  • Create organisational units comprising specific people or roles authorised to perform certain tasks
  • Eliminate the time and expense of renting or running and maintaining servers
  • Store your data on secure servers built, operated, and protected by Google
  • With 93 per cent less setup time, schools can easily manage 100 or 100,000 Chromebooks

Overall, the setup makes it far easier to manage your privacy and compliance obligations when compared with running and maintaining your own infrastructure.

A child and an adult using a laptop for learning

Why choose Datacom and Google for Education

One of Datacom’s key objectives is to promote and facilitate learning and knowledge sharing through the use of smarter technology across the education sector.

Through Datacom’s dedicated Google Practice, with both engineering and education transformation leads, we can assist schools in getting ready for the cloud.

Datacom believes in collaborating at the curriculum level to support best practice when implementing technology in education. Through curriculum conversations and frameworks, Datacom can assist administrators and teachers with productive teaching strategies that are aligned with the appropriate use of technology in the classroom.

If your school is ready to take the next step in its digital transformation, contact Datacom’s Google Practice team.

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The Beacon School project

Our pinnacle programme is designed to deliver world-class, next-generation learning environments for teachers and students. This is a multi-year, whole-of-school journey, embedding 21st-century skills in the curriculum and bringing them to life through innovative practices. We help our Beacon Schools achieve highly sought-after Google Reference School status.

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