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Choose a network with the power of plus

Your digital destination is clear. Datacom's SD-WAN is a simpler way there.

The world has flipped the switch from physical to digital and it’s never going back. The way forward will demand so much more from your network.

Respond with a solution that will let your network be more and do more. Start with Datacom Branch Connect SD-WAN, supported by Cisco.

Give your WAN a PhD

Our software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution overlays existing wide area network (WAN) architecture with serious smarts, by adding software that gives you the power to:

  • Control the connectivity, management, and services between data centres, remote branches, and cloud instances
  • Leverage any combination of transport services to connect users directly and securely to applications, including multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), long-term evolution (LTE), and broadband
  • Accelerate and maximise cloud adoption
  • Deliver new applications to every location with zero truck roll and no need for technical boots on the ground
  • Centralise, visualise, orchestrate, and proactively manage the health of the entire network, across every location
  • Orchestrate and instantly deploy quality of service and security policies for groups of applications to every location
  • Protect network servers and end-user points with distributed next-generation firewalls on a security gateway
  • Automate user connections to applications based on optimal performance and availability
  • Escape the constraints and cost of router-centric network design, eliminate backhaul and expensive MPLS connections
  • Quickly and cost-effectively set up, provision, tear down, and relocate network capability in any location.

The result is achieving more value from the network, great benefits to the IT budget, and significantly better experiences for your team and customers.

Bonus considerations

SD-WAN is ideal for organisations that align to government policies and funding initiatives. Ministry of Health New Zealand's Digital Health Strategic Framework and New Zealand Government's Digital Inclusion Blueprint are two examples that mention a cloud-first national technology backbone, particularly for healthcare and education. Traditional WAN can not be relied on for access to high-performance software as a service (SaaS) applications for branch, remote, and mobile field workforces.

Roll out a new location, pop-up shop, or temporary site project management office, quickly, and cost-effectively. Non-technical staff can plug in a single appliance and, after that, they’ll never need to manually intervene after a circuit outage. This is valuable for any business that relies on its personnel remaining engaged with shoppers and customers, even in the event of a network issue.

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The power of plus

Constraints on traditional router-based WAN designs have been increasing for some time. There are many factors making it harder for IT to ensure WAN uptime, security, quality of service, and performance out to the operational edge of the business. These include the expense of MPLS connections, the cost of replacing aging infrastructure, and the logistics of technically supporting hardware and discrete firewalls across multiple locations. These issues are further compounded by the surge in cloud computing, insatiable demand for applications, device proliferation, technical skills shortages, and budget constraints.

This eBook explores how these challenges can be addressed, unpacking the true benefits of embracing the added value of SD-WAN.

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Choose your solution

With application modernisation and user experience at the forefront of everything businesses stand for today, traditional wide-area networking (WAN) simply isn’t sufficient as it is. Use this infographic to inform your strategy.

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Five key considerations for your SD-WAN strategy

The exponential growth of cloud-based applications has forged the need for more flexible, scalable, and less expensive network architecture. Read our guide to learn how you can begin implementing your own SD-WAN solution.

Five key considerations for your SD-WAN strategy eBook cover

About our Cisco partnership

Datacom Branch Connect, supported by Cisco, provides secure, scalable SD-WAN with flexible and customisable contracts to suit your individual business needs. You'll get a consolidated view across your environment.

As a Gold Certified partner of Cisco, our partnership is fully equipped to provide the best service and delivery through our expertise in networking.

Get peace of mind to focus on what you do best, while we do what we do best.

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