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A worldwide leader in networking, IT, and cybersecurity solutions.

Cisco's solutions connect people, devices, and networks.

Cisco is a global leader in securing and managing data and connectivity in a multi-cloud world. It's a go-to supplier for small-, medium-, and enterprise-sized businesses all around the world.

Cisco solutions allow people to access, manage, and secure information across different locations, time zones, and devices, and include:


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    Reinvent the network
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    Power a multi-cloud world
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    Unlock the power of data
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    Security everywhere
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    Create meaningful experiences

Datacom's partnership with Cisco

Datacom sees Cisco as one of six core IT vendors critical to our success. We maintain a high level of competency in Cisco technologies. Datacom invests heavily to ensure our network engineers are qualified and have access to the best tools and support networks. 

We are a Cisco Gold Partner and Cloud Service Partner, as well as a Cloud and Managed Service Programme Master (infrastructure as a service and disaster recovery as a service).

Our unique approach to applying the Cisco suite of products saw us awarded Cisco ANZ Architectural Excellence: Data Centre Partner of the Year 2020 and Cisco NZ Innovation Partner of the Year 2018.

Experience Datacom Branch Connect

Enjoy high-speed performance, uncompromised security, ease of deployment, and improved visibility with Datacom Branch Connect, supported by Cisco Meraki. Try our free 30-day SD-WAN trial today.

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Datacom has a long track record of close collaboration with Cisco.

Our partnership is all about ensuring we are meeting the networking and connectivity needs of our clients.

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    Cloud services
    Cloud infrastructure, platform, or software as a service solutions, with flexible commercial terms.
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    Customer contact services and customer experience solutions at scale.
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    Data & analytics
    Equip your business with all the right data and knowledge to make informed decisions.
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    Hardware & licences
    Be supported throughout the entire lifecycle of your IT assets.
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    Network services
    Choose the right WAN, LAN, and voice networks to increase your business' productivity.
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    Platforms & applications
    Adopt modern workplace ways of working and choose the right CRM and enterprise resource planning platforms.