After four years on Datacom’s board and three as its chair, one of the attributes of this company that continues to stand out is the broad scope of this business.

With 6650 employees and 26 offices, Datacom is one of Australasia’s leading locally owned technology businesses. These numbers are significant, but it is the breadth of its specialist technical areas, products and solutions, and mission critical nature of its customers that really demonstrate the scale and complexity of this business.

Datacom’s scale brings with it some unique opportunities and it also makes it an important part of the tech ecosystem that it operates within.

In New Zealand and Australia there is a focus on growing the tech sector and the revenues that come from it. Technology is New Zealand’s second-largest export sector and has been described by NZTE – the government’s business development agency – as “central to the creation of a more inclusive, sustainable, and productive economy”. 

In Australia, the tech sector has been valued at A$167 billion and it now stands as the country’s third-largest industry, growing by over 80 per cent in just five years. The latest Technology Investment Network (TIN) report states that in the past ten years, the New Zealand tech sector has more than doubled in size, largely due to the doubling of companies with revenue over $50m. Total revenue for New Zealand’s top 200 tech “export” companies ranked by revenue – of which Datacom ranks as #3 – reached $17.1 billion.

As a major contributor to those tech sector statistics – with revenue of more than $1.49 billion – Datacom is acutely aware of the opportunities that exist as well as the challenges.

Talent acquisition and retention issues have eased but still present challenges. Rapid developments in AI offer huge opportunities but come with risks that need to be proactively managed relating to security, privacy and ethical concerns. Creating more sustainable business operations is a focus for every sector but for tech there is real scope to achieve significant growth while committing to sustainability goals. Datacom takes sustainability seriously and has its four New Zealand data centres operating on 100% renewable energy. This year the company has achieved a 16% year-on-year reduction in its carbon footprint and a 34% reduction on its base year, FY2020.

Datacom has always shown a commitment to the countries and communities it operates in, and been willing to invest in necessary infrastructure and in product development tailored to the needs of its local customers and markets.

It is both a challenging and an exciting time to be part of the tech sector and seeking out opportunities to grow. Datacom’s scale, its talented team and its track record continue to put it in a strong position to succeed and to contribute to the wider success of the tech sectors and the countries it operates within.

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