Whether you’ve just started working from home or have always done so, Microsoft Teams is a hub for your team to communicate, meet in video conferencing calls, work together on documents, and coordinate tasks in project plans. Watch and read our guides below on how to get started. If you have any questions about how to use Microsoft Teams, please contact your Datacom representative.

How to join a Teams meeting

Datacom uses Microsoft Teams as our online meeting platform. Our meeting invites will include a link to join the meeting from your web browser, or any device that you have Microsoft Teams installed on.

How to become a member of a Datacom Microsoft Teams

For some projects and ongoing engagement with customers and vendors, your Datacom representative may invite you to join a group on Microsoft Teams. Here you can collaborate, communicate, coordinate tasks and have video conferences. If your Datacom representative has invited you to be a member of a group on Microsoft Teams (your invite will be sent to your work email address), please follow one of these two processes:

Watch our guide if your organisation uses Office 365 for its email platform.

Watch our guide if your organisation does not use Office 365 for its email platform.

Download our quick reference guide for both scenarios for further information.