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Managed platform as a service

Develop the right environment for growth. Flourish faster with Datacom and Red Hat.

Together, we'll make a beautiful partnership.

Like anything you want to grow, you need to put the right conditions in place. We can help you grow your business with our fully managed platform as a service (PaaS), powered by Red Hat’s leading OpenShift technology. Enjoy the freedom of deploying applications across your public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

Ready to discover how we can help you grow?

Download our platform as a service guide and learn about the top priorities for businesses today and how our team of local experts can help your business flourish faster.

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Beautiful apps to help your business blossom

Helping your developers to focus on application development and deployment rather than daily platform operations tasks will help your business reach its goals faster. Datacom’s managed PaaS puts your development team in the fast lane by automating time-intensive platform processes. That means happy developers can focus on achieving great work and building business value through software.

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It’s Kubernetes, and so much more

Datacom’s managed PaaS can help your business transition to containers and Kubernetes with ease. That’s because OpenShift is 100 per cent Kubernetes-certified and has the components needed to run Kubernetes in production, including the underlying Linux platform.

You’ll also get out-of-the-box access to integrated networking, storage, monitoring, logging, installation, upgrades, and so much more.

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Our expertise includes

Let us help you develop something beautiful

Talk to our team of local cloud experts. We can help you put the right conditions in place to grow your business.

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About our Red Hat partnership

Together, Datacom and Red Hat provide customers with enterprise open source solutions using high-performing Linux, cloud, container, and Kubernetes technologies.

Red Hat’s world-leading technology, powered by Datacom’s team of local cloud experts, helps businesses like New Zealand Customs Service cut application development time from weeks to hours in order to react quickly to their customers’ changing needs.

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