New Zealand Customs Service manages over 10 million import transactions and 14 million international passengers every year.

From helping customers to safely import and export, to checking containers, vessels and mail for illegal weapons, drugs and revenue fraud, the ability to adapt to an ever-changing situation remains the biggest challenge.

Operating in an environment of increasing trade and travel volumes, diverse risks and service expectations, New Zealand Customs recognised it needed to continually improve and modernise the way it did business at the border.

Our Govt.Container is a fully managed service allowing New Zealand’s government agencies to reduce their application development and support costs while at the same time increasing responsiveness to customer-driven change.

Powered by Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) the Govt.Container service allows developers to quickly develop, build, deploy and manage containerised services and applications in a safe and secure cloud environment, helping to reduce infrastructure resource requirements by up to 60 per cent and decrease deployment times down to minutes. This allows applications to be moved quickly and seamlessly between environments and hosting platforms.

Since going live with Govt.Container, New Zealand Customs Service has been able to remove legacy hardware from its IT landscape and adopt rapid application development and release cycles. The result is massive productivity gains including faster and more frequent application releases from four per year to more than two releases every week.

New Zealand Customs’ role is to protect and promote New Zealand across borders while helping our economy grow. We want New Zealanders to feel protected, for exports to flow freely into overseas markets and to efficiently process imports arriving into our country. Datacom has helped us to do this better than ever.

Mathew Black, Chief Information Officer, New Zealand Customs Service.

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With the introduction of Datacom’s Govt.Container service, Customs is now able to service the needs of the wider border sector far more efficiently.

Murray Young, Acting Deputy Controller — Operations, New Zealand Customs Service.

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