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Enterprise resource planning

Our local experience and capability enable complex implementations.

Leverage the full benefits of enterprise resourcing planning with Datacom.

When it comes to large, complex, enterprise resource planning implementations, Datacom offers local experience, capability, and capacity across the full platform.

By choosing Datacom to be your partner, you'll have someone you can quickly call on to provide the full range of skills, experience, and expertise you need to ensure solution adoption. We'll help your organisation realise immediate and ongoing value.

We have deep experience in the public sector, as well as across industries such as finance, agriculture, insurance, and supply chain.

A key reason behind choosing Dynamics is that one of our IT strategies is ‘cloud first’, so we can allow our IT teams to focus on working with the business and on getting real value from our platforms.

Hamish Archer
General manager, technology, TSB

Cutting-edge solutions

Benefit from Datacom’s 50-year track record of providing cutting-edge solutions that ensure you remain productive during any enterprise transformation project.

Deep industry experience

We have a wealth of experience across complex industries. This includes financial services, insurance, agriculture, and government. We maximise engagements to de-risk and accelerate enterprise resource planning implementations.

Strategic understanding

We'll get you to a better place with cost savings and customer experience with strategic supply chain experts through to technology specialists.

Customer approval

We've worked with government agencies, businesses and organisations across New Zealand and Australia, and numerous industries, including TSB Bank and the Victoria State Government.

Our expertise includes

Frequently asked questions

Why would I choose to work with Datacom?

Datacom has a large team experienced in successfully delivering complex business transformation projects, by leveraging the full end-to-end capability of an enterprise resource planning platform.

ERP implementations are costly, confusing and fraught with danger – how can you help de-risk our business transformation?

We can deliver a 1-3 day assessment of your ERP programme and readiness, providing you with a clear set of guidelines as to your readiness, the potential scope, cost and timetable for an implementation. This helps you identify things that need to be changed before you embark on a transformation as well as prepare and ready your business case for approval.


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