Delivering digital transformation and driving enterprise efficiency

Real-time decision making to enhance end-user experience and increase organisational productivity

Large enterprises face the challenge of meeting customer expectations and maintaining efficient operations while fostering innovation. Consistent, reliable customer service becomes a hurdle when systems and teams are disjointed, and current IT solutions fall short of organisational needs.

Pega is a leading platform for decision-making and workflow automation. It empowers organisations to streamline complex business processes, automate tasks, and enact change. The outcome is a customer experience that spans various business areas, communication channels, and customer demographics, whether on-premise or in the cloud. Pega’s enterprise-level capabilities have been trusted by many of the world’s largest companies and public sector entities. Over the past decade, it has seen significant adoption among prominent organisations in Australia and New Zealand.

Datacom has the Pega knowledge, experience and expertise

At Datacom, we provide solutions using Pega that boost efficiency, productivity, and provide complete visibility of end-to-end processes, all while focusing on your customer needs.

Our AI-enabled process consulting services, combined with state-of-the-art technology, offer insights into your business operations and the strategic direction needed to derive value from implementing Pega. We bring the necessary knowledge, experience, and expertise to ensure you reap these benefits. Our proven delivery track record has added value to some of the most recognised organisations in Australiasia.

Since 2017, Datacom has forged a strong partnership with Pega, delivering an array of solutions to government agencies, premier financial service institutions in New Zealand, and other organisations. As an Authorised Partner, we hold a special accreditation for government services.

Our local team of skilled and certified Pega professionals takes pride in the impactful differences and value we bring.

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Solutions that boost efficiency, productivity, and provide visibility of end-to-end processes, so you can focus on your customer needs

  • Low code for enterprise

    Enable more teams to design, deploy and adapt workflows that solve today’s challenges and exceed tomorrow’s demands.
  • AI powered decision-making

    Make better decisions. Drive better outcomes. Personalise engagement with real-time next best actions.
  • Workflow automation

    Arm your enterprise with a toolset built to work together, and designed to adapt to meet your business agility needs.
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)

    A fast, low-risk starting point for automating processes that rely on outdated legacy systems. Learn more
  • Business rules

    Automate complicated processes. Turn ideas and goals into actions and outcomes, while eliminating inefficiencies.
  • Customer service

    Reduce costs and increase efficiencies. Boost loyalty and retention. An intelligent automation platform that delivers experiences at scale.