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Datacom and ScienceLogic help enterprises modernise IT operations towards an automated state of operations.

Intelligent, automated IT operations.

ScienceLogic brings to the market smart ways to manage IT environments. By using the power of AI for IT operations (AIOps), the complexity of managing distributed IT services is significantly reduced. Customers are able to monitor their technology and data in real time, whenever they want to.

Datacom's partnership with ScienceLogic.

Datacom and ScienceLogic have a strategic partnership to accelerate digital transformation efforts across industries including public sector. Our focus is on the application of AIOps technology, to help enterprises modernise IT operations towards an automated state of operations. We’ve formalised this partnership with mutual investments:

  • ScienceLogic's customer success team partners with Datacom to develop a benefits realisation plan via customer workshops that deliver a phased approach to projects: crawl, walk, and run
  • ScienceLogic's AIOps platform (SL1) forms the foundational pillar of Datacom’s market offer
  • We have a success-based commercial construct to create the right incentives that drive desired business outcomes through product adoption and customer satisfaction
  • Datacom uses ScienceLogic's JumpStart program to assist in service catalogue evolution that helps plan new and evolving service introduction
  • We work together on bid support to strategic accounts via content presentations, collateral, and personnel
  • We use ScienceLogic's remote admin service to support best-in-class operational support for the SL1 platform and knowledge transfer.

How Datacom and ScienceLogic can help you.

Together, Datacom and ScienceLogic provide targeted solutions designed to increase efficiency for businesses across a diverse range of industries.

  • AIOps

    No matter how complex your IT operations are, Datacom’s AIOps brings together big data and machine learning to give you visibility and control. Learn more
  • Central government

    For over 20 years, Datacom has provided effective solutions for the government. We also support the government's broader outcomes initiative by supporting New Zealand businesses and the environment. Learn more