The OIC provides information, assistance, and support to Queensland public sector agencies. It assists with law compliance, application reviews, and privacy complaints, and makes decisions on whether an agency’s privacy obligations can be waived or modified in the public interest.

The OIC decided to engage a technology partner who could transform its legacy, on-premises, service delivery model, to a cloud-based, evergreen, flexible, application-integrated service which would make life easier for staff and users alike.

However, there were a few challenges. As well as transformation, the OIC was looking for ongoing IT management as a service (ITMaaS), as its service delivery model was housed with another government agency’s infrastructure. This provided a unique challenge during the migration process.

Additionally, the OIC required strict security measures to be adhered to — something which needed to be managed effectively and efficiently.

For effective delivery, Datacom worked with the OIC and the third-party government agency to extract and migrate the OIC’s data into Azure and Microsoft 365. This process was completed on time and within budget, with minimal impact on stakeholders.

We also accommodated the OIC’s strict security requirements by leveraging Azure and Microsoft 365 to ensure data security regardless of a user’s location or working style.

By using Intune Autopilot, we were able to migrate seamlessly while minimising downtime. We also used BitTitan MigrationWiz, a cloud solution, to extract mail from the previous email environment into Exchange Online.

Our experience with regulated industries and its long history of working with government agencies meant we were able to deliver the solutions needed with minimal impact on stakeholders or external users, and with no interruptions to the service. The OIC utilised Queensland Government’s ITSS.1804 pre-qualified panel and our proven ITMaaS catalogue covering end-to-end information and communications technology (ICT) services and cross-functional disciplines. The solution has allowed the OIC to get on the road toward digital transformation quickly.

We provided the OIC with a modern, scalable, and evergreen environment, which meets both of the essential requirements of flexibility and security. This new level of security allows remote and flexible work opportunities for employees and ensures the OIC maintains robust ICT service delivery while simultaneously decreasing costs and freeing teams up to focus on delivering key services to Queenslanders and adding value to their organisation.

The OIC is continuing the journey with us and Microsoft 365 as a result of the success of the project and has engaged us to migrate legacy data sets and implement an information management policy.

Datacom successfully migrated us from an on-prem platform to a more contemporary and flexible one, without compromising on security. The solution implementation, communication, and go-live processes all ran seamlessly. We rated their service 10/10: they couldn’t have worked harder to meet our needs.

Greg Beal, IT project manager, OIC.

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