Across Western Australia, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) is deployed to remote areas of the state to respond to crises. The ability to stand up emergency services in the event of a critical emergency situation including fire, road accidents, natural disasters and major incidents is crucial to ensuring the DFES can get on with the job of saving lives and property.

For the DFES, being able to deploy personnel is only half the battle. Additionally, it is essential that they can quickly and easily communicate with teams on the ground, for the speedy resolution of the situation, but also for the safety of those involved.

The DFES utilises a Regional Operations Centre (ROC) model to remotely manage emergency situations. When it comes to keeping connected from their Command Centre Operations in Perth, through to their front lines, they rely on Datacom to deliver.

Datacom provides three layers of telecommunications redundancy out to each ROC to ensure connectivity regardless of the location. Terrestrial lines, satellite communications and 4G mobile data are deployed, along with physically redundant hardware and Datacom’s own WA based Network Operations Centre (NOC) management to support any situation.

Our Rapid Network Deployment solution uses the latest Cisco SDWAN technologies in an easily transportable case. This allows Datacom to provide the DFES with network connectivity to its end users at any time, and facilitates end user connectivity with the look and feel of a permanent 'fixed site network solution'. All this while affording the DFES with the ability to move the equipment as the result of an emergency or urgent requirement.

This solution will help when a building or site evacuation is required leading to an urgency to provide alternative network connectivity; a temporary network service is required to facilitate an emergency or similar telecommunications issue; and an agency team is required to rapidly mobilise to a region or area and requires network connectivity.

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