It’s hard to imagine a more appealing target for hackers than payroll. There are enormous amounts of money changing hands attached to lots of personal data.

Datacom's ebook, Is your payroll under threat?, explores some of the key considerations you should keep in mind to keep your workers information and your business safe.

More than 80% of businesses believe cyber risk has increased significantly over the last two years due to the massive shift to remote working, and that cybersecurity should now be considered a boardroom-level issue - not just a technology issue.

Improving the policies and practices around your company's cybersecurity can be achieved with a few key steps:

  • Align business goals with your security investment. It’s easier to gain traction with the boardroom if there is a solid understanding of the value security brings to the whole business.
  • Identify the true costs of your vulnerability. Defining the risks that exist and then quantifying in terms of the dollar cost to the business - be it lost revenue, cost of repair or penalties.
  • Benchmark your cybersecurity spending. Knowing what your industry peers are spending - and what they are spending on - is a good initial indicator of where you are in terms of overall protection.
  • Make cybersecurity part of your culture. On-going cybersecurity surveillance and monitoring should become a part of the business culture. This means it’s an everyday business activity that’s included in the executive reporting cycle.

Your payroll system and employee information’s security is Datacom's top priority. All our payroll software and platforms are constantly monitored to protect against cyberattacks.

Download the full “Is your payroll under threat?” ebook now for more insights.

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