With more than 2.7 million customers across the world, the Humm Group is always thinking about how to provide positive customer experiences, without overloading its busy contact centres. In 2020, Humm was growing rapidly and looking for ways to take some of the pressure off its customer support agents. The Humm team set to work, alongside Datacom, to identify strategies that would improve their customers’ experience and give them more opportunities to self-serve.

“We wanted to establish whether we had opportunities to reduce demand into all of our customer care centres,” says Brendon Clark, Head of Workforce Management and Customer Improvement at Humm Group.

“How do we shift volume left into self-serve? We wanted to know whether improvements could come from technology, or our processes, or insights from other industries.”

A deep dive into the customer experience

Humm turned to Datacom’s Experience Practice team, led by Chloe Cifelli, to analyse customer journeys and processes at the business. The Experience Practice team considers every aspect of the end-to-end client experience, from the first contact options through to post-resolution sentiments.

A photograph of Chloe Cifelli wearing a light turquoise-coloured blazer over a white top  standing in front of a wooden board post-it notes
Chloe Cifelli and her team provided Humm with insights that are making a positive difference by driving change

“Chloe is an amazing person to work with – she has a wealth of knowledge,” says Brendon.

“Her team did a deep dive into opportunities and insights. They looked at what other providers were doing, they interviewed our frontline team, stakeholders, and our own customer experience expert. Chloe and her team spent quite a few days in each site, across Australia, New Zealand and Manila.”

The results have been extremely valuable: some of the research confirmed the gut feelings that Humm had about its customer experiences, and other insights led to changes that are already making a considerable difference.

“We had ideas about ways to drive change, but we didn’t have that data behind the scenes to back up those ideas,” says Brendon.

“This research piece confirmed what we thought we knew, while also giving us opportunities to look at things we hadn’t thought of – and those were some powerful things. It led to tweaks in a number of different areas of the business, including changes to our processes and tech solution enhancements to our telephony platform.”

Significant gains and more accurate data

Those small tweaks have “definitely added up to significant gains,” says Brendon. “Changes to the Genesys telephony system are helping Humm get far more value from the platform, while process changes have led to improved overall reporting and “better, more accurate data.”

This work, in parallel with developing its new virtual assistant, has cut call times and improved customer sentiment across Humm’s sites.

A significant part of the project’s success has been down to the ethos in the Humm team, says Chloe Cifelli, Associate Director, Datacom Experience, and Insights Practice.

“We’ve felt privileged to work closely with the Humm team. In our experience, consults are the most successful when the team is receptive to the feedback and willing to take on the recommendations – we feel the true success of this work has been the team’s willingness to be open to change with the customer and their employees front of mind.”

A continuous journey with Datacom

Asked whether Humm would work with the Datacom Experience Practice team again in the future, Brendon answers with a resounding ‘yes’.

“Yes, we would – we’re great at working together. Here at Humm, we plan to continue with the track we’re on, aiming to keep improving our customer experience. It’s going to be a continuous journey with Datacom,” says Brendon.

“Right now we are working with them on integration pieces with our new system, and they’re helping us bring two systems together. We’re also simplifying the telephony structure in background, and planning to integrate our virtual assistant. We’re working together on multiple things – and we wouldn’t be doing that if we didn’t trust and value Datacom’s expertise and knowledge.”

Cifelli adds that her team is also looking forward to the next stage of innovation and improvements.

“We’ve seen remarkable improvements in their business that have improved the employee and customer experiences. We are pleased to move from quick wins and brilliant basics to more strategic insights and enhancements that will transform their customer experience.”

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