Victoria, Australia’s property market relies on Victorian Land Registry Services (VLRS) to manage more than 3.6 million property titles and process more than a million property transactions every year, from sales and mortgages to caveats.

Any downtime or delays could cause VLRS’ customers — including commercial and residential buyers and sellers — to lose time and money.

Which is why VLRS Executive for Technology Ani Chakraborty says the company committed to digital transformation, and now receives all transactions digitally and has an enviable uptime of 99.995 per cent.

“We are a vital part of the Victorian economy, we maintain the integrity of one of Australia’s largest registries and manage thousands of transactions every day, and we take that responsibility very seriously,” Ani says.

A high-performing digital business

Migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS) was a vital part of that digital transformation: moving the organisation’s applications from an on-premise environment to the cloud to ensure they were continuously available to thousands of daily users.

By moving to AWS, the VLRS team was aiming to reduce operating costs by 60 per cent, shorten disaster and data recovery times, and increase system availability, security, and performance.

With Datacom as their implementation partner, they have exceeded all the goals they set.

Operating costs plummeted by more than 70 per cent, saving as much as AU$160,000 per month. Disaster recovery time is now under 30 minutes, data recovery is within 10 minutes, uptime is 99.995 per cent, and VLRS can offer a secure system to all its customers.

“What we’ve achieved with AWS and Datacom is a system that doesn’t break. It’s a system that our team and Victoria’s property ecosystem can rely on.”

Datacom Business Development Executive Domenic Brasacchio says the collaborative partnership with VLRS played an important role in the successful migration to AWS.

Domenic says, “Working closely together meant we were very clear about what VLRS wanted to achieve and could deliver on that. We had regular catch-ups throughout the implementation so we could iterate as we went, and, after the implementation, the focus was on optimising the platform and making sure the VLRS team and their customers were benefitting from the AWS product features."

Future-proofed secure system

Critically, the project has given VLRS more control of its overall IT spend and the ability to scale for the future.

Over the past year, the Victorian property market has experienced a 15 per cent increase in land transactions, but VLRS’ reliable systems and high level of automation mean the organisation was able to manage a heavier workload.

VLRS is also equipped to scale rapidly and handle more acute increases in demand, for example when property transactions jump from 4000 a day up to 11,000 during peak times of the year.

With the savings VLRS has realised from the shift to AWS, the organisation is investing in ‘forward-looking capabilities’ including more advanced data analytics so it can provide critical insights for the Victorian property market and community.

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