In our first #RightCloud Conversations of 2021, and the third one in the #RightCloud series, experts from IDC, SG Fleet Group, Fidelity Life, and Microsoft come together to reveal how to plan an effective plan and strategy for application modernisation.

The more effective your plan and strategy for modernising your applications, the more efficiently your environment will run, resulting in lower costs and improved performance. But what does your ideal application modernisation project look like? Our exclusive panel of industry leaders provided industry insights on how to successfully manage the challenges of modernising applications.

Key talking points included:

  • Success strategies for app modernisation in 2021
  • The greatest risks of not modernising your applications
  • How to define legacy systems and their risks
  • The 7R's model of application modernisation
  • Why businesses find themselves needing to modernise
  • What role partners play in an app modernisation process
  • How to measure the success of a modernisation project.

Your panellists

  • Photo of Linus Lai
    Linus Lai
    Vice President, IT Services, IDC
  • Photo of Andy Graham
    Andy Graham
    Group Head of Innovation & Technology, SG Fleet Group
  • Photo of Dan Wilkinson
    Dan Wilkinson
    Chief Technology Officer, Fidelity Life
  • Photo of Phil Barlow
    Phil Barlow
    Chief Technology Officer, One Commercial Partner, Microsoft Australia
  • Photo of Alex Coates
    • Panel moderator
    Alex Coates
    Managing Director, Australia, Datacom 

This live event is brought to you by Datacom in partnership with Microsoft Azure.

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