It is a priority of Datacom to keep Australian payroll clients up to date with any important legislative changes, as these have the potential to make an impact on business payroll processes and compliance obligations.  

For businesses, it is important to stay on top of these changes and make the necessary adjustments to ensure they are abiding by the law and being responsible employers.  

Changes that occurred in and around January 2020 that organisations need to be aware of include new guidelines for salary sacrificing super contributions, an exemption for high-income earners that allows them to opt-out of receiving super guarantee as so not to over-contribute, and the Fair Work Commission decision impacting public holiday arrangements coming into effect. 

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It is important for businesses to ensure they are being responsible employers by continually keeping up with legislative changes affecting payroll.

 In this January 2020 Datacom ebook update, ‘The latest in Australian payroll compliance,’ you will gain insight into a variety of recent legislative and software changes relevant to business payroll processes and obligations, including: 

  • Guidance on new salary sacrificing super requirements as of January 2020, and what businesses should review in relation to this. 
  • How Datacom is addressing changes to salary sacrificing super in the form of updates and support for Datapay customers, and advice for Easipay clients. 
  • Details of the new exemption available to high-income earners who wish to opt-out of receiving super guarantee from some of their employers to prevent them from unintentionally going over the concessional contributions cap.
  • How to execute a request to be exempt from receiving super guarantee from a high-income earning employee per the exemption regulations. 
  • Key updates that Datacom has made to the relevant payroll software functionalities regarding the new salary sacrificing super guidelines and high-income earner exemption in line with legislative changes. 
  • What the Fair Work Commission decision is and how it now being in effect impacts public holiday substitution. 
  • Actions employers need to take due to the Fair Work Commission decision coming into effect, and Datacom resources available to support these actions.  

By understanding and adhering to legislative payroll changes, organisations can expect to have confidence in their payroll related decisions. The information in this ebook will provide you with the knowledge of how new changes as of January 2020 will impact your business and its payroll processes, so that you are able to successfully adapt to this new legislation. By accessing the insights in ‘The latest in Australian payroll compliance,’ organisations will be better equipped to ensure successful payroll management.  

Download a free copy of our ebook, ‘The latest in Australian payroll compliance,’ to support your business and its payroll processes during the implementation of legislative changes impacting payroll in January 2020. 

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