The current economic climate means financial pressures are elevated for many people, putting organisations at a heightened risk of payroll fraud. 

Payroll fraud is the theft of funds using a company’s payroll system committed by those internal to the organisation.  

The implications of payroll fraud are greater than meets the eye: not only does it present financial risk, but it also has the potential to damage reputation. 

For businesses, it is important to have an informed awareness of the risk of payroll fraud in order to effectively manage it. 

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It is more important than ever for businesses to ensure they maintain vigilance around the risk of payroll fraud.

In this Datacom ebook, ‘Payroll fraud: the hidden risk to business,’ you will learn about payroll fraud and gain insight into how to protect your business from its occurrence through the following information: 

  • What payroll fraud is and what it looks like in practice 
  • The different motivations as to why people commit payroll fraud 
  • The various types of payroll fraud that businesses should be aware of 
  • Effective strategies and tactics for preventing and detecting payroll fraud
  • Case studies detailing what different forms of payroll fraud look like in real-world scenarios 
  • How to best utilise people, processes and policies, and technology to manage payroll fraud 
  • Anti-fraud features of Datacom’s Payroll Software 

Businesses are undoubtedly navigating a period of increased uncertainty, with limited resources to do so.

Although assessing your vulnerability to payroll fraud risk might not be a priority, even implementing select improvements and maintaining vigilance will help protect your business from both the financial and reputational damage of falling victim.  

By understanding and effectively managing payroll fraud, organisations can expect to have confidence in the safety of their payroll. The information in this ebook will provide you with the knowledge of how you can protect your business and its payroll processes from payroll fraud, so that you are able to successfully navigate the current climate. By accessing the insights in ‘Payroll fraud: the hidden risk to business,’ organisations will be better equipped to ensure safe and successful payroll management.  

Download a free copy of our ebook, ‘Payroll fraud: the hidden risk to business,’ to ensure your business and its payroll processes are protected from fraud. 

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