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Data centres Australia

World-class hyperscale facilities in Sydney and Melbourne, equipped for you.

Secure, scalable, and award-winning data centre services for your critical IT infrastructure.

Datacom delivers data centre hosting and co-location services from AirTrunk’s world-class SYD1 (Sydney West) and MEL1 (Melbourne) hyperscale facilities.  

Our renowned technical support and scalable solutions, combined with AirTrunk’s secure and reliable facilities, mean we're equipped to manage your vital data and infrastructure needs. 

AirTrunk’s state-of-the-art data centres are built to meet the demands of the world’s largest public cloud providers with 100 per cent reliability. They offer the most stringent levels of security backed by industry-leading certifications.

Through Datacom's customisable plans and dedicated on-site data halls, you have access to these world-class facilities. Both SYD1 and MEL1 facilities are 130+ megawatt (MW), making them both the largest in Australia.

We offer state-to-state and trans-Tasman interconnectivity via our dedicated network. With direct on-site connections to the major public cloud providers, we work with you to meet your specific business needs. 

Datacom has its own secure office and network operation centre (NOC) area, as well as our own secure store room and build rooms for customer use.

We also offer usage-based charging. This ensures you only pay for the power and services you use without needing to estimate your consumption or overpay for services you don't use.

Pay for what you use

Many data centre providers require you to predict your power usage for the life of your contract and then penalises you when you get it wrong, leading to cost blow outs over the long-term.

We only charge you for what you use and offer you the flexibility to change your requirements without penalty, as your business needs do. We think it’s fairer that way!

We’ve put together the following guide to help you better understand data centre pricing. It also highlights everything you get as part of our on-consumption, flexible pricing model.

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Datacom understands their customers' needs. Over the two years we have been in partnership, I have been impressed by the levels of engagement and how they are able to provide the right solutions that have a real impact.

Roslyn Paterson
National channel manager, Lenovo

Highly secure facilities

Our Australian data centre halls (within AirTrunk) adhere to industry-leading processes that are both compliant and audited against international standards. We have exceptionally high security standards. They include robust security checks that meet stringent government regulations.

Always-on service availability

Availability is all about your systems being up and running with no outages. We achieve this with industry-leading maintenance processes and comprehensive system testing.

Flexible and scalable

We offer rack solutions in many sizes, and we can accommodate your requirements, large or small. You don't need to commit to a fixed number of racks or kilowatts of power. We offer usage-based pricing so you only pay for what you use.

Our expertise includes

Relocation special

We know transitioning into or between data centres can be disruptive, expensive, and sometimes daunting.

We have the skills and expertise to manage your move, or work with you and your providers to ensure everything is taken care of. Find out how we can partner with you to make the move into or between data centres stress-free. To further help reduce your costs we will also give you three months free rack rental when you move in.

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Frequently asked questions

What on-site services do you provide?

We provide the following on-site facilities and services at no extra charge:

  • Inwards goods and a secure store
  • Build rooms to set up and prepare for equipment installations
  • Customer offices with kitchens, meeting rooms, bathrooms, and first-aid rooms
  • Guest wi-fi
  • Technicians are on-site 24/7 at all data centres
  • Customer access or vendor access to your racks and IT equipment is available via authorised access lists controlled by the customer
  • All of Datacom data centres are telco and vendor neutral
  • You get 24/7 site access. There are no charges to access our facilities, except when you need a guide. We welcome tours, but please contact the team in advance to book one
  • We can provide secure disposal of data destruction at an extra cost
  • We offer Stratum-1 NTP (Network Time Protocol) Time Server at SYD1 and MEL1, a network appliance that receives precise time from a hardware reference clock to provide a time resource to client computers.

What racks and power options are available to me?

  • Datacom provide 600mm or 800mm wide rental racks with 52RU (rack unit), which feature heavy-duty construction for extra durability and supports stationary loads up to 3000lb. Half and quarter racks are also available
  • Dedicated dual power rails, electronically locked doors, and discrete data cabling entry to each full rack or compartment
  • Tape libraries, mainframes, and bespoke technology can all be housed
  • We also offer the option to bring your own racks. This is reviewed on a case-by-case basis depending on your specific needs and the supporting infrastructure your racks need
  • We offer flexible contracts so you can increase or decrease your rack sizes as and when required. Our racks support up to 20kW/rack, average 8kW.

How do you undertake equipment installation and cabling?

Skilled data centre technicians are available to undertake installations of racks and equipment. This includes inter-rack and telco cross-connect cabling. We can preload and set up equipment in our on-site build rooms prior to on-floor installation and interconnectivity setup. We also provide the cabling infrastructure to connect data cables between your racks. For larger data cabling needs, we can secure multiple quotes and project manage the installation on your behalf.

What are your billing and contractual arrangements?

  • We bill on a monthly basis to ensure you have flexibility to scale up or down
  • All our contracts are flexible and can be tailored to your specific needs
  • We charge for rack hosting and power on consumption
  • Cross connects have a one-off installation fee, but no monthly charges
  • A monthly report is available that includes:
  • Power, rack, and air operating conditions
  • Maintenance undertaken and scheduled to take place
  • Data centre incidents
  • All our data centres are telco and service provider neutral and guaranteed to remain so for the lifetime of the facility. You have full control and choice over who you work with.

What certifications do you have at your data centres?

SYD1 and MEL1: ISAE-3402, ISO-27001, and PCI-DSS.