As a tech services provider to more than 400 major Australian companies and government agencies, the list of expertise Datacom offers in market is massively varied.

With offices in every major city and 50 local partners, Datacom delivers projects and services spanning cloud, business and digital platforms, data intelligence, cyber and networks, design experience, app assurance, app modernisation, digital engineering, managed ITO services, hardware and software provision.

But there’s a common driver for Datacom leaders in every area of the business, and that is the company’s vision: to enable their customers – and the people and communities they serve – to thrive and shape their own futures.

Alex Coates, MD Technology Services says focusing on the impact that technology can have is a source of inspiration for the more than 3000 people working in Datacom’s teams across Australian cities and regions.

“What really motivates me is when we deploy technology to solve challenges or create new opportunities, and then we see the impact that has for our communities.”

Solving challenges

Over the past two years, Datacom’s role in solving challenges has included supporting the federal government’s Department of Health in their response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent deployment of Covid-19 vaccines across Australia.

Another project involved Datacom working alongside the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood to implement a new algorithm which helps potential kidney transplant recipients improve their chances of finding a donor match.

Creating impact for customers and communities is also about getting the basics right by finding ways to make systems smarter, more efficient and robust.

Datacom’s work in migrating Victorian Land Registry Services (VLRS) – which manages more than 3.6 million property titles and processes more than a million property transactions every year – to AWS, saw operating costs drop by more than 70% and achieved an uptime of 99.9995 percent. Another cloud migration project resulted in the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning accelerating their digital transformation and achieving 60% costs savings.

Being Australasia’s largest homegrown tech company also gives Datacom a unique focus on creating solutions that meet the needs of local industries and organisations – one example is the Datascape Enterprise platform and Antenno app designed to support local councils to engage with their communities.

Datacom infographic with stats

Track record of success

The breadth of expertise Datacom offers in Australia and its successful track record is the foundation for ongoing relationships with government organisations, such as the Department of Health which recently extended an IT outsourcing contract, and new partnerships such as the managed network services agreement with Transport for NSW.

Other Datacom customers include the Australian Tax Office, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Department of Home Affairs, state government departments and key commercial sector clients such as Medibank and Perpetual.

Future focus

Aside from pursuing the common vision of enabling customers to thrive and shape their own futures, Datacom’s leaders are also jointly focused on recognising and supporting the growth of their own teams.

Datacom has made a multi-million investment in its internal skills development programmes and is focused on being a “net creator of talent” which means supporting existing staff to develop new skills and helping identify and bring new talent into the IT sector in Australia.

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