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Incident management

Our proactive incident management process keeps you safe and secure.

Datacom's proactive incident management process keep you safe and secure.

Incident management, while often viewed as a cumbersome task, is crucial to the continued success of an organisation. This is true for a business’s cybersecurity preparedness, too. 

Incident response plans follow the process of:

  • Identifying risks
  • Containing them
  • Learning from them
  • Preventing future attacks
  • Fortifying your ecosystem to perform at an optimal level on all fronts. 

Your customers remain safer and more secure in your hands and your reputation stays intact. 

We recommend partnering with managed service providers during or before any potential threat. Many organisations have never experienced a cyber attack. They may not have all the tools and resources to identify a starting point to develop and execute on an action plan. 

It isn’t enough to simply contain a threat. Silent observation of an attacker's behaviour provides truly actionable insights. This can prevent similar future attacks, helping you to reduce the overall impact of risks.

Mark Micklefield
General manager, cybersecurity, Australia and New Zealand

Real-time threat intelligence

We have one of the top-performing security operation centres in Australia and New Zealand, helping us to gain actionable insights and give dependable recommendations.

Reduction of risk

In many instances, organisations only contain the threat. Our team advocates tactics that enable you to observe and learn from your adversary’s behaviour, reducing future risks.

Certified experts

Our incident response team is qualified in an array of technologies and solutions. Our combined experience amounts to more than 20 years and extends across Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

Our expertise includes

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