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Stay cyber strong with a highly integrated security operations centre.

Staying cyber strong with a highly integrated security operations centre.

Datacom has dedicated more than 40 resources to operating, monitoring, and analysing our security operations centres (SOC). These centres are in Australia and New Zealand and are locally owned and operated. Our goal is to detect, analyse, and respond to cybersecurity incidents using best-of-breed technologies. 

By collating many systems and data sources we can proactively monitor and detect threats in your network. Deploying this threat intelligence information across all our monitoring systems will enrich their ability to detect and disrupt.

We can compress, sign, and store all original events with a clear audit trail of activity that can't be disclaimed. This enables access to event management, forensics, and compliance monitoring. 

We are enabled to see multiple and protect once; with many sources feeding into our SOC we can provide real-time and reputable insights and recommendations.

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Australia and New Zealand

Security risk management

By leveraging insights gained from many sources we can provide real-time informed remediation advice. Information is provided consistently with a single-pane view of your entire environment.

Variable security maturity

No matter how advanced your team is, Datacom can provide the right level of support to bring your business to the next level.

Connected architecture

All service elements are integrated with each other to provide a complete picture of your landscape. Analysts can make critical decisions to reduce the impact on any compromised device.

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Frequently asked questions

Why do you need a security operation centre (SOC)?

A SOC is vital to protect data, systems, and other enterprise resources. With a SOC arrangement, you can be assured that your network is safeguarded from attacks.

What should a SOC monitor?

SOC analysts should monitor all traffic on your network from external sources. Every server, router, and database must be within the scope of the security operations centre team.

What is the difference between a network operations centre (NOC) and SOC?

An NOC is focused primarily on minimising downtime and meeting service level agreements, whereas a SOC looks deeper into cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities.

What is the difference between SOC and SIEM?

SIEM stands for security information and event management. A SOC is a group of people and tools that work together and SIEM is part of the practice they must follow.


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