The time for debating whether the cybersecurity perimeter is over. The pandemic has altered the pace, direction, and tone of cybersecurity for cloud operators everywhere. But, how can your organisation keep up with these changes?

Join Trevor Clarke, the co-founder and Asia Pacific research director at Tech Research Asia, as he sits down with:

  • Matthew Evetts, director of cybersecurity, New Zealand — Datacom
  • Rodney Hamill, director of cloud infrastructure and software — Cisco
  • Mark Iles, executive consultant, industry analyst and speaker — Tech Research Asia.

This episode covers:

  • Whether machine learning (ML) can offset the perils of human error
  • What it means to shift to a zero-trust environment and away from the traditional perimeter model of cybersecurity
  • How to calculate the true cost of a data breach for your business and your customers.
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