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Direct Access

Datacom's employee self-service payroll portal.

Datacom's employee self-service payroll portal.

Direct Access is our employee self-service payroll portal that makes payroll easier, faster, and more accessible for your organisation anywhere, any time. It's split into three key areas: employee, manager, and payroll admin. Each area allows users to carry out their assigned actions.

It empowers employees to take ownership of their personal files, pay details, and leave. Direct Access is simple to navigate and intuitive. It can be used effectively by employees without training.

It requires no extensions for standard browsers and is responsive for mobiles. Direct Access widens the usage of the DataPay payroll application beyond the payroll team. All managers and employees within the organisation can use Direct Access.

Responsive and intuitive
Less work for payroll admins
Avoid paper forms
Great functionality
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Responsive and intuitive

Direct Access is responsive and compatible with a wide range of devices. This includes laptops, tablets, and mobiles. It's simple to use and requires little training.

Multiple on-the-go devices including a mobile phone and laptop
Responsive and intuitive
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Responsive and intuitive

Direct Access is responsive and compatible with a wide range of devices. This includes laptops, tablets, and mobiles. It's simple to use and requires little training.

Less work for payroll admins

Less work for payroll admins

Employees and managers can enter and approve a lot of the information themselves. Payroll and leave information is available to employees. This means valuable time goes back to payroll administrators.

Avoid paper forms

Avoid paper forms

Everything can be done online. There's no need for paper leave forms or timesheets. This removes the risk of this information not getting into payroll.

Great functionality

Great functionality

Widens usability of DataPay and allows for secure business reporting on all employee and payroll related functions.

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Frequently asked questions

What browsers are supported by Direct Access?

Google Chrome 31 or newer, Mozilla Firefox 34 or newer, Safari 7 or newer and Microsoft Edge.

How do I get access to Direct Access?

Once the employer has set you up in the payroll system, an activation link should be sent to the employee to set up their account.

What if I forgot my password?

Click the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the DA login screen and follow the steps to get a new link.

Why can’t I activate my account using the activation link?

Users have 48 hours from when they received the email to activate their account. After 48 hours the link expires. If this is the case ask your payroll administrator to send you another activation link.

My payslip I received via email is password protected, how do I gain access?

All payslips are password protected to ensure the safety and security of our clients. To access your payslip simply enter your Direct Access password.

Note: Once Datacom has distributed payslips we are unable to update the associated password. All payslips will be protected by the password that existed at the time of distribution. If you have updated your password during or after the distribution date only subsequent payslips will inherit the new password.

I have received compensation for this pay period, but I have not received the associated payslip?

Payslips distribution begins at 6:30pm on your company’s Direct Credit Date. What this means is there may be a delay between receiving your payslip and receiving your pay. If there is a significant delay between the two (24 hours +) contact your payroll administrator.

Does DA support multi factor authentication?


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