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Right Team, Right Tools

In today’s ever-changing business landscape, the need for dynamic and flexible workspace solutions has never been greater. The ability to adapt quickly, however, requires agility, and the only way for companies to accomplish true agility is to start with their people.

Empowering employees with the right skills, competencies, and tools to know what to do and how to do it when it matters most, will be a key driver of business growth. When employees are able to collaborate, engage and be productive wherever and however they choose, you make space for creativity and innovation.

A people-first digital ecosystem that successfully balances traditional priorities of operational efficiency and security against the needs of the modern worker will enable your business to thrive. Through Datacom’s intelligent workspace solutions, we put the employee at the heart, helping organisations empower their teams to connect like never before from any location, across any platform, on any device.

By making sure you have the right tools and the right support, we can empower your team to embrace agility and drive growth. Through our partnership with HP and their high-performance range of hybrid devices, we allow your teams to move quickly, seamlessly, and securely between any working environment to give you the competitive edge.

  • Connected workspace icon
    Connected workspace
    By allowing your people to work together, anywhere, an intelligent workspace drives teamwork, increases collaboration, and breaks down organisational silos.
  • Desktop and mobile IT devices icon
    More effective IT
    Save time and money by enabling your people to work across devices with tools designed to make day-to-day work easier.
  • Protection icon
    Stay open, stay connected, and stay safe from damaging and expensive cyber attacks.

The importance of technology in employee experience

Find out how a people-first digital workspace is a key component of a positive employee experience (EX). Understand the tools and technology services that empower your employees to collaborate and work productively from anywhere and help your business grow and adapt to change quickly.

Cover of 'The right tools and the right team' eBook

Get it right from the start

Give your employees technology that drives collaboration, efficiency, and productivity to deliver your best business outcomes, backed by the right tools and right team at Datacom, HP, and Intel®.

  • An icon of a package above a hand
    Device logistics
    A frictionless setup experience for your employees.
  • An icon of a head with an exclamation mark in the centre of it
    User access and security
    Everything your team needs, when they need it, securely.
  • An icon of packages on a trolley
    Asset lifecycle management
    Plan for your employee needs today and tomorrow.
  • An icon of a shield with a target in the centre of it
    Threat detection and prevention
    Protecting your employees and critical business data against the latest threats.
  • An icon of a shield in front of a gear
    Incident response
    Our people support your people when they need it most.
  • An icon of a person in front of a computer screen
    Supply chain
    Expert support to navigate supply challenges and deliver the best employee experience.

With you for the whole journey

The right tools and the right team to streamline processes, reduce overheads, improve efficiency, and maximise return on investment (ROI) on your technology purchasing with complete end-to-end lifecycle management.

Datacom lifecycle management infographic

Datacom and HP

Datacom is an official HP Amplify Power Services Partner and has been delivering exceptional technology solutions for over 50 years. When it comes to empowering teams, HP recommends Windows 11 Pro for business.

Our extensive team of talented consultants, technicians, and tech partners help customers assess their digital ecosystem and business workflows. With skills and experience to deliver best-in-class intelligent workspace and digital infrastructure solutions, the Datacom team will map and implement your business transformation.

With the right technology and systems in place, supported by the right team in Datacom and HP, your business will be ready to thrive in the current and future digital landscape.

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