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Media, entertainment & telecoms

Adopt newsworthy tech to provide thoughtful and engaging customer experiences.

Bring innovation and edge into a traditional industry.

Having the ability to pivot with the ever-changing landscape of digital transformation is essential for the media, entertainment, and telecommunications industry. This industry must be able to adopt next-generation technologies to remain relevant to customers, while also being able to provide thoughtful customer experiences. Innovation is the name of the game across this industry to maintain value creation and a competitive advantage.

How we support the media, entertainment and telecoms industry

Stay relevant in a highly competitive industry. Provide thoughtful and engaging customer experiences through digital transformation.

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    Application management
    Don't let the ongoing maintenance of apps slow your business down. Our application management solutions manage your existing apps, freeing you up to transform the areas of your business that need it. Learn more
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    Expectations are higher than ever for a personalised customer experience. Datacom's CRM (customer relationship management) solutions will help you manage your customers' experience and needs. Learn more
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    Modern data platform
    The data landscape is constantly changing. While the amount of information can seem overwhelming, a modern data platform can unlock your data's potential by turning it into actionable insights and AI. Learn more

Our customers

We help our customers to reach new audiences in modern and engaging ways.

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