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Year in Review
Datacom is one of Asia Pacific’s leading locally-owned IT service providers. We operate across New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and the Philippines.
Cover image for Datacom's 2021 Year in Review


Year in Review

It's the people. From our customers and people to the communities they're part of, this year has been about supporting each other and turning ideas into reality.


Our teams have helped hundreds of organisations adapt to new challenges, stay connected with their people and customers, and continue operating despite the disruptions all around them.

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Greg Davidson
Datacom Group CEO


  • Cover image for Datacom's 2021 Year in Review
    In 2021, Datacom has achieved several major milestones, signed important partnerships, attracted numerous awards, and found new ways to make life easier and safer for our customers and communities. Read more
  • Front cover for Datacom's 2020 Year in Review
    Our 2020 Year in Review celebrates the stories about our customers, partners, and people. Read more
  • Front cover for Datacom's 2019 Year in Review
    With more than 6,500 people across 24 offices in an industry that is constantly evolving, Datacom has embraced the challenges of 2019 and is well-positioned for success. Read more
  • Front cover for Datacom's 2018 Year in Review
    2018 was a year of unparalleled progress for Datacom. We embarked on a significant internal business transformation journey, which touched every aspect of the company’s operations. Read more
  • Front cover for Datacom's 2017 Year in Review
    Datacom’s growth in the 2016/17 year was a direct result of long-term strategic investment across a number of areas, in order to be in a position to deliver strongly for our customers into the future. Read more
  • Front cover for Datacom's 2016 Year in Review
    Datacom completed a very solid year’s trading for the year ending 31 March 2016 with the highlight being an increase in revenue on the previous year of 13 per cent. Read more
  • Front cover for Datacom's 2015 Year in Review
    The 2014/15 year has seen the Group scale its investment in growth areas and pursue new market opportunities. Read more
  • Front cover for Datacom's 2014 Year in Review
    Reporting a significant increase in profit for the 2013/14 year, comprising a solid year’s trading result. Read more