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Finance and operations

Maintain sustainable work-flow processes and guide communities through the council ecosystem.

Maintain sustainable processes, manage repeatable tasks and guide users through the council ecosystem.

Datascape enables sustainable core council transactions and processes. Taking on the responsibility as councils' underpinning Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Datascape provides the capability to ensure transactions and processes are repeatable, measurable and audited. Staff will find workflows within the Datascape products makes it easier to follow processes, lessening the amount of manual workaround outside the implemented system whilst ensuring transparency of process and responsibilities.

Ensuring at all times that community and staff interactions are captured and available to continue conversations in the future, Datascape focuses on maintaining sustainable processes and guiding users through the council ecosystem of applications and services. 

Including financials, CRM, property and rating, regulatory and compliance and field work, functionality is guided by workflow, dashboards and reporting, enabling staff to focus on the value of the decision and outcome, rather than the process required to get there.

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Product modules

  • Close up of inspector in hi vis vest checking property with tablet
    Regulatory and compliance
    Maintain regulatory compliance and meet community needs. Easily integrate external parties with Datascape. Create relations with strategic partners to provide out of the box integrated solutions. Learn more
  • Farmer using a tablet on field with red tractor in the background
    Field work
    Spend more time in the field, less time in the office. Field work is an end-to-end digital solution for councils carrying out inspections, assessments and audits in the field. Learn more
  • Smiling customer service representative with headset using computer at desk
    CRM is designed to help councils provide visible service improvement by being at the heart of connecting people, processes and knowledge across their communities and staff. Learn More
  • Aerial view of new housing community New Zealand
    Property and rating
    Simplify complex processes by guiding users with a logical step-by-step workflow-driven process. Learn more
  • Business team analysing financial data in a meeting with laptop and calculators
    Make smart business decisions for your council and community. Intentionally manage council expenditure and income, measure service reporting costs and report financial performance to stakeholders. Learn more


Our other products

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    Datacom's DataPay supports complex enterprise payroll requirements for businesses. Learn more
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    Data centres
    Secure, scalable and award-winning services for your vital IT infrastructure. Learn more
  • Auckland city crosswalk with road work signs
    Datascape is a cloud-based solution designed to create new ways for councils to work and better engage with their communities. Learn more
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    The event management platform made for transport and logistics networks of any scale. Learn more