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Technology lifecycle services

Unlock more life from the IT asset lifecycle.

Unlock more life from the IT asset lifecycle

Unlock the greatest value from your IT assets; optimise people, performance and the planet at every step of the asset lifecycle. 

Incorporating software asset management (SAM) and hardware asset management (HAM), clients can choose from a 360° menu of lifecycle management services, that work towards the principles of a circular economy.

Value comes in the form of increased software and hardware utilisation, streamlined warehousing and logistics, waste reduction, accurate IT estate insights and more efficient licencing.

Value even comes from putting a recycled device into the hands of a child who couldn’t ordinarily afford one.

All-of-government contracts

Whether you wish to upgrade, manage what you have, or simply and responsibly recycle your equipment or software, our technology lifecycle service will support you and your technology.

Datacom's logistics specialists can support your business when it needs to scale up for a project, or when your internal supply chain needs and investments have to be reduced. 

Our experience and expertise have led to us being awarded the all-of-government (AoG) IT hardware panel contract, providing Hardware Asset Supply services to participating agencies in New Zealand headed by MBIE.

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