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Who we are

Our customers are at the heart of who we are. We pride ourselves on the range of our offerings, the depth of our expertise, and breadth of technology partnerships.

I strongly believe we all own the success of this company. We can be proud of the work we’re doing with our customers.

Greg Davidson
Chief executive officer, Datacom Group

At Datacom, we believe our purpose is to help our customers and communities navigate the complexity of this ever-changing world we live in, by connecting people and technology, and solving their greatest challenges. With more than 50 years’ experience in technology, we have grown to be one of Australasia’s leading locally owned technology company.

Our people, built on a foundation of strong values, are some of the most experienced in the tech industry and partner with customers from large government agencies to commercial businesses to transform their organisations from idea to delivery.

We design, build and run IT systems and process for business. We support existing legacy IT systems and processes, and we custom-design brand new ones. We work with our customers to build and operate sustainable solutions by exploring their current state, clarifying their future potential and solving their most pressing problems. Our breadth of advisory and technical skills provides deep expertise in technology platforms to our customers, provided by our 200 tech partners.

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Datacom Connect staff

We deliver customer care services at the frontline to Australia’s essential services.

We operate mission-critical infrastructure with best-in-class data centre facilities in Australia and in New Zealand. In Australia, we have a close partnership with @AirTrunk to enable customers to host their workloads and in New Zealand, we own and operate four award-winning data centres.

We help customers who want a hybrid cloud approach or to utilise multiple clouds with our private cloud infrastructure. This enables us to collaborate and complement public cloud providers.

We have long recognised the importance of quality software as a service (SaaS) products and have a range of SaaS solutions. This includes DataPay and EasiPay, which enable customers to manage and process their own payroll or outsource to a specialist payroll team

We also have Datascape, a cloud-based enterprise software for local government and councils, which help more than 70 local government organisations better connect to their citizens.

Datacom’s success is built on our customers’ success. Our focus on our customers is at the heart of who we are. We pride ourselves on the range of our offerings, the depth of our expertise and breadth of technology partnerships.

Datacom's Greg Davidson

Our purpose

To make a difference to people’s lives by turning the imaginable into reality.

Our vision

To enable our customers, communities, and countries to thrive and shape their own futures.

Our values

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    Exceed customer expectations
    Our customers' success drives what we do. We walk in their shoes, deliver on our promise and find ways to go above and beyond to help achieve their goals.
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    Look beyond today
    Our curiosity drives our continuous evolution. We will encourage freedom to explore, discover and learn. Together, we can create an exciting future.
  • A group of three Maori Wakas floating in a bay
    Thrive together
    We actively collaborate and think long-term for our customers, our partners and our people.
  • A full Maori Waka with people padding together
    Everyone has a part
    We commit to respectfully see the world through other peoples' eyes and encourage their contribution to a better place.
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    It’s the people
    We are caring and humble and foster an environment where we can bring our best selves to work. Our people make the difference.
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    Courage to act
    We are bold with our customers, partners and each other. We show strength and have confidence to speak up and take action.