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A worker standing on a walkway in front of large power station pipes

Energy & utilities

Supply consistent, sustainable, and safe energy and utilities with technology.

Sustainable and efficient solutions to renew your technology.

The potential for the energy and utilities industry to embrace digital transformation is huge. Smart and connected infrastructure can help towards the goal of sustainable energy that customers are demanding. Datacom can help gather advanced analytics and create digital solutions to enhance business processes from maintenance right through to distribution.

How we support the energy & utilities industry

Supply consistent, sustainable, and safe energy and utilities to your customers. Datacom can help you embrace digital transformation.

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    Application management
    We manage hundreds of different applications for our customers. Our application management solutions manage your existing apps, freeing you up to transform the areas of your business that need i Learn more
  • Data visualisation icon
    Data visualisation
    Datacom can help you transform your data into insightful reports and dashboards. These will reveal trends and patterns hidden beneath the surface. Learn more
  • Integration icon
    Our approach to Integration centres around the delivery of ongoing business value. We've developed a series of packages that structure the successful delivery of integration value. Learn more

Our customers

We can help our customers regenerate their solutions into sustainable ones they can reap the power of, again and again.