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Datacom's Datapay supports complex enterprise payroll requirements for businesses.

Datacom's Datapay supports complex enterprise payroll requirements for businesses.

Datapay is a cloud-based enterprise payroll and human resource software solution. It manages confidential employee personal and financial data. We ensure it's updated to follow the latest regulations and legislation. We maintain the highest security levels of confidential information.

Datapay provides the flexibility to scale, and we deliver the latest versions of software accessible on any device. There's no need to manage manual updates to legislative changes or pay for software upgrades or new hardware. When your employee numbers grow or consolidate, we accommodate with our flexible cost arrangement.

You can partner Datapay with a range of our complementary products. This means your business will gain a full payroll system as well as a core HR management platform.

Datapay and its associated add-ons and apps are designed to be efficient to use, engage employees, and provide valuable insights into the business.

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Employee self-service access for our enterprise clients.

Product features

  • Executive dashboard icon
    Executive dashboard
    Access and view analytics through widgets that display statistics in an easy-to-understand format. All data is in real-time, accessed from the current live database.
  • Employee self-service icon
    Employee self-service
    Direct Access is Datacom's employee self-service portal. It offers greater engagement with employees. It allows the flexibility to manage their personal files, pay details, leave, and more.
  • Reporting icon
    Uncover and extract information from your payroll database. We provide access to a range of records and statistics.
  • New Zealand: PAYE intermediary icon
    New Zealand: PAYE intermediary
    We have a robust system that handles a large volume of transactions involved in keeping track of our clients' PAYE obligations and payments.


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