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Take your finance and HR software to the next level.

Seamlessly connect your HR and payroll data.

Datacom has partnered with Workday to develop a comprehensive human resources information system (HRIS) and Datapay (payroll) integration, delivered to our customers throughout New Zealand via Datacom’s Workday Datapay Connector.

The certified Workday Datapay Connector has been purpose-built for the New Zealand market. It seamlessly integrates Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) with the Datacom payroll application, allowing Workday customers across New Zealand to connect their HR and payroll data efficiently and securely.

How Datacom and Workday can help you.

We have successfully implemented the Workday Datapay Connector for customers by making sure the system, people and process aspects are considered. Datacom's implementation team are all certified, local payroll experts, who can advise you on what information is needed to develop business processes that ensure your employees are paid correctly.

The Workday Datapay Connector is standardised to integrate employee details, leave requests and balances, timesheets, and payslips between the HRIS and payroll applications helping to de-risk operations and bringing in much needed automation to increase efficiency and cost savings.

We continuously review to improve and extend the certified Workday Datapay Connector features. Our team will support your integration needs irrespective of where you are on the people - payroll transformation journey:

  • Already have Workday, and are implementing Datapay
  • Already have Datapay, and are implementing Workday
  • Already have both Workday and Datapay, and are integrating the certified Workday Datapay Connector 

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