Simple, integrated payroll solutions from a global leader in enterprise management software are now available to New Zealand customers, with Datacom being named as a local Workday Global Payroll Cloud (GPC) partner.

Datacom, a leading provider of technology and payroll services, has achieved GPC Certification, and can now offer payroll solutions to Workday customers in New Zealand.

"Payroll integration is one of the most important areas called out by HR and payroll administrators in organisations globally,” says Stephen Jack, Managing Director & Vice President, Workday Australia & New Zealand.

“Our partnership with Datacom means customers can now securely, accurately, and efficiently connect their HR and payroll data.”

As part of the partnership, Workday and Datacom teams across product management, product engineering, and implementation collaborated closely to develop the Workday DataPay Connector, enabling bi-directional data integration and the ability to display payroll results in Workday.

The Workday DataPay Connector integrates Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) with the Datacom payroll application, allowing Workday customers in New Zealand to connect their HR and payroll data efficiently and securely. The integration helps de-risk operations, enhances efficiency, and increases cost savings.

According to Ross Fodie, Datacom’s Sales Manager for Payroll Software and Services, the certification involved several months of training through Workday’s Cloud Connect for Third-Party Payroll (CCTPP) programme, where his in-house team of payroll experts learned the specific Workday setup and configurations to ensure they could build and test customer solutions end-to-end.

"The Connector development was carried out under the governance and guidance of Workday’s global payroll team based in the US, and the documentation was run past a local customer to ascertain local market coverage.”

The Workday DataPay Connector provides support for the integration of the following features:

  • Employee life cycle (covering Hire, Updates, Termination) (Workday -> DataPay)
  • Employee Details, Employee Groups, Job, Compensation, Costing Allocation, Payment Elections, One Time Payments (Workday -> DataPay)
  • Leave of Absence and Time Off (Workday -> DataPay)
  • Time Tracker (Workday -> DataPay)
  • Leave Balance (DataPay -> Workday)
  • Payslips (DataPay -> Workday)

The certified connector reference is now available on Workday Community, and available to be referenced by customers and their SI partners. The solution is available for import upon approval from Datacom and Workday.

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