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The event management platform made for transport and logistics networks of any scale.

Delivering excellence

Timpani is the event management platform made for transport and logistics networks of any scale, bringing real-time visibility, advanced track and trace, improved efficiency and all the tools you need to optimise on the fly.

A powerful and intuitive tool, Timpani does not require an overhaul: it augments and upgrades your existing transport management system (TMS) , fleet management system (FMS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) infrastructure, no matter how long you have had those processes in place.

Timpani delivers in full, on time (DIFOT) to meet your customers ever increasing expectations while optimising your supply chain performance.  And no matter what type of business you have or what scale you operate at, we can configure Timpani to suit the unique requirements of your organisation – giving Timpani a look and feel you will recognise as your own.

Check out the Timpani mobile app
The Timpani mobile app will allow drivers to track customer freight in real time, and easily scan freight out for delivery and deliver with an electronic Proof Of Delivery.

Delivering transformation

Timpani delivers full real-time supply chain visibility across your transport and logistics network, from job dispatch, move logistics, freight allocation and event tracking to all driver-related processes. Drivers get an easy-to-use tool for planning and executing the day’s run, while powerful dashboard functions give your customer service and operations teams live tracking of freight and deliveries. And Timpani is a game-changer for linehaul managers, making it easy to create, search and edit manifests.

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Delivering optimisation

With Timpani's powerful operations management features, fleet route optimisation is a breeze. You can view real-time data and run branch-based optimisation for all jobs, making sure optimal routes are planned for the day and respond to changes in the moment. And powerful search functions let you review historic data and focus on specific datasets, allowing you to respond to customer queries and optimise performance.

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Delivering configuration

Timpani's fleet tracking system gives you visibility of movement across your entire network and the ability to make adjustments on the fly, which means fewer failed deliveries and happier customers. The easy-to-use Timpani mobile app lets everyone see at a glance what is required for each run, and can be completely configured to meet the specific needs of your business. Meanwhile, the dashboard map offers full visibility of drivers for a real-time overview of the state of the fleet.

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Delivering reassurance

Timpani is backed by Datacom’s trusted infrastructure, security and integration. With over 20 years’ experience in transport and logistics, we have built Timpani to specifically meet the requirements of operations like yours. We can even customise it to work with your business’s processes, terminology and any legacy systems you already have in place, with full ongoing support from our specialist team.

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Solve your logistics challenges

Streamline last mile delivery, enhance freight tracking transparency and digitise proof of delivery through "sign on glass" (SoG). Optimise line haul operations for efficient load planning, while also fine-tuning route, jobs and run-sequencing to minimise costs and delays. Our integration with existing transport management systems allows for a gradual and effective modernisation approach, suited to your organisation's specific needs and technological landscape.

  • Modular solution

    A modular solution comprising of a mobile component and an administration console where specific features can be enabled as required. Only pay for modules and user licenses required.
  • Datacom hosted or self-hosted

    Choose to be Datacom hosted in our sustainable data centres, or self-host in your data centre.
  • Workflows

    Get access to multiple user-configurable workflows that can be tailored by you to fit the needs for the job to be done.
  • Barcodes

    Extensive support for barcodes for improved efficiency and accuracy throughout the logistics process. Standardise your business and service.
  • Configurable reporting

    Our configurable reporting engine allows for data mining from the operational transactional database.
  • Online/offline mode

    The ability to operate in a online/offline mode enables operations in locations with intermittent network connectivity.
  • Route planning and real-time network visibility

    Maximise fleet route optimisation through our navigation solution and get realtime traffic information. See the whole network in real time and give your customer updates before they update you.
  • Critical update of legacy systems

    Timpani gives your current or old TMS system the critical upgrade it needs without the total replacement.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Transport Management System (TMS)?

A TMS is an ERP for transport operators, it allows the transport operator to manage the delivery of services through their process. At the broadest it covers everything from customer bookings, resource planning, workflow management to invoice creation.

The TMS may allow for a variety of workflows that are specific to the type of freight. These all have different requirements, regulations and workflows.

The customer can then book the work directly in the system, it may include a mobile function to optimise the mobile workforce, and it may include a rating engine that can produce quotes (back to the customer) and invoices (through to the accounting system) and a cost analysis.

The TMS can also provide a monitoring/observability function that provides the operator with business performance metrics. DIFOT (Delivered In Full On Time) is the key industry measurement, which is expressed as a % of loads carried.

Why do logistics companies need a TMS?

Transport operators (a company with a fleet of vehicles who pick up and deliver freight) need a TMS to manage their work, plan their future capacity and measure their performance, report and bill to their customers.

A TMS is essential for logistics companies to stay competitive, improve efficiency, reduce costs, enhance customer service, and navigate the complexities of modern supply chain operations. It is a valuable tool for managing the movement of goods effectively and ensuring the overall success of the logistics business.

What is TMS in supply chain?

TMS in supply chain stands for Transportation Management System. It is a software solution or a platform that helps organisations manage and optimise their transportation and logistics operations. TMS is a critical component of supply chain management because it focuses on efficiently planning, executing and monitoring the movement of goods from one location to another.

Implementing a TMS can lead to several benefits for organisations, including cost savings, improved efficiency, better customer service, reduced transportation lead times, and enhanced visibility into supply chain operations. It is particularly valuable for businesses that rely on the efficient movement of goods as part of their operations, such as retailers, manufacturers, distributors and logistics companies.

The TMS does not need to be software based, it is just the flow of information forward and backwards through the network, instructing and recording work. Timpani has found that the digitisation of these kinds of processes (digital supply chain management) improves the company performance.

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