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With Datacom, it’s more than cloud.

Get more from technology to unlock your future success.

It is true that the cloud is one of the most powerful change-tools of our time. Yet it takes more than a revolutionary platform to make positive impact. People make change. People like you.

In seeing the world through the cloud, no matter how you choose to adapt it, with the right transformational partner and cloud service provider like Datacom, you’ll be set to resolve today’s challenges, while you build future capabilities. You’ll be ready to realise ambitions, confidently making your impact, your way. And you’ll be resourced to transform the way your teams work and the ways your customers experience you. You’ll grow innovation, organisational resilience and see ways to embrace sustainability while you make it pay dividends for your people, for the planet and for your business performance.

How can we help you make your impact?

Our customers are solving some of the most exciting challenges in their industries and communities.

With a 1,000+ strong team of local Datacom cloud-certified specialists on their side, they drive positive impacts right across their organisation (and beyond), while controlling their costs and resources. They work with us to adapt the right cloud solutions and operating systems for their bespoke success strategy, and to maximise the positive impact that technology has right across their ecosystem.

Together, we help them make a meaningful impact, bringing invaluable cloud depth-and-breadth and providing access to world class partners too. Specialist trans-Tasman technology teams join as needed, to strengthen and hasten the impacts that technology can make.

Success, in our view, is a partnership that accelerates ambitions, solves challenges, strengthens resilience and responds to the changing needs of your teams and your customers.

It's people helping you make more of technology.

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Moving beyond “cloud first”
Datacom's 4th annual cloud report.
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Benefits to drive business success

  • Impact and elevate your team

    In today’s tech talent crunch, the right partnerships are vital. We work alongside your team, sharing expertise and insights as we work together to make a meaningful impact.
  • Unlock future impact

    We leverage innovative cloud technologies so you can realise your ambitions. Together, we navigate today’s challenges, while building capabilities to see your ambitions become your future successes.
  • Impact cost and sustainability

    Our considered, strategic methodology recognises that the greatest impacts come from making smart sustainable technology choices; that meet aspirations and mitigate risks.
  • Turn challenges into business impact

    We offer flexible solutions and end-to-end capability across all leading private, hybrid, public, and multi-cloud technologies to meet unique goals and create tangible outcomes.
  • Impact security and resilience to risk

    We focus on strengthening your core resilience to new cybersecurity and compliance risks giving peace of mind by ensuring that leading-edge security is embedded in your cloud strategy, not bolted on.

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