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Make your impact with Azure

With Datacom and Microsoft, it’s more than cloud.

Making a meaningful impact, flexibly

Cloud migration and modernisation is a continuous process, one that demands constant innovation and flexibility as the world changes.

Our customers work with us to adapt the right approach and operating systems for their bespoke success strategy, and to maximise the positive impact that technology has, right across their ecosystem.

Together with Microsoft Azure, with its innate flexibility, we help all types of organisations to make a more meaningful impact – now and into the future.

Datacom deliver a holistic approach to managing a customer's Microsoft Azure environment across the entire cloud transformation lifecycle starting with strategy through to design, build, and operation. Datacom’s cloud operations managed services gives Azure cloud users the choice, depth-and-breadth and future-proof capability they need.

Your digital journey
How the cloud can help enterprises address their biggest business challenges.

Stay ahead of change

Advances in technology are constantly creating new market openings, new ways to connect your customers with greater value, and new possibilities to entirely disrupt your competition.

Success takes consistent flexibility to innovate anywhere - whether it is on-premise, at the edge, or in a multicloud environment. With Datacom and Microsoft Azure, you’ll always be ready; confident in technology that can pivot to meet fast-evolving requirements, ahead of time.

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Overcome key concerns and challenges

Datacom's cloud report highlights that the top five expected challenges for cloud and IT infrastructure holds persistent industry concerns.

Microsoft Azure's mitigating features and functions will help reduce risks, costs, and complexity while sustaining clearer visibility and governance. Combining Microsoft Azure’s world-class cloud security with Datacom’s compliance and configuration specialists makes for stronger security across operations, technology, and people. Making an impact doesn’t compromise on secure foundations - it relies on them.

  • Proactive – advanced threat detection and prevention.       
  • Infrastructure - secure data centres and infrastructure maintained by Microsoft.
  • Encryption - for better data privacy.
  • Compliance - simplified compliance reporting and auditing. 
  • Fast response - rapid incident response if issues are detected.
2. Budget constraints
  • Flexible – move compute resources up and down as needed.
  • Economical – only pay for what you use.
3. Data privacy
  •  Encryption - state-of-the-art encryption protects data both at rest and in transit.
4. Recruiting and training people
  • Enabling – supports state-of-the-art working environments and modern ways of working.
  • Open – supports almost any OS, language, tool or framework.
  • Reliable – 99.95% availability SLA and 24×7 tech support.   
  • Global – data housed in geo-synchronous data centers.
5. Facilities
  • Efficiency - up to 93% energy efficiency and 98% carbon efficiency by moving to the cloud - vs. on-premises solutions.     
  • Carbon negative - by 2030, Microsoft will be carbon negative.
  • Commitment - by 2050, Microsoft will remove historical emissions (since inception 1975).
Better on Azure with Datacom
See the benefits of using Azure for Windows Server and SQL Server workloads.

Unlock the possibilities of your data

In the face of uncertainty, data offers clarity. Whether you are navigating complex situations, empowering your employees’ decisions, or creating a powerful new customer experience, the crucial insights from your data can take out much of the guesswork.

Stay ahead of data’s accelerating growth in volume, variety, and velocity with Datacom’s skills in automating, configuring, and optimising your Azure cloud.

54% increase in revenue performance, 62% improvement in customer satisfaction, 44% faster time to market, 54% increased profit results

Sustainable improvements for lasting benefit

The journey to the cloud does not just transform how you process your data and applications. A migration to Azure also generates sustainability benefits from day one. Achieve your sustainability goals and adapt to changing regulatory requirements with clarity and speed.

With Microsoft Azure and Datacom, sustainability does not have to cost you efficiency: there is no separating the two.

Microsoft's commitment to sustainability


  • $1B Climate Innovation Fund over the next four years.
  • Carbon negative, water positive, zero waste by 2030.
  • Planetary computer using big data to monitor and protect nature
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Make a sustainable impact

  • Up to 93% energy efficiency and 98% carbon efficiency by moving to the cloud - vs. on-premises solutions.
  • A transition to Microsoft Azure reduces carbon emissions associated with on-premises data center operations 72%-98%. 
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Transform your business with Microsoft Azure and Datacom

Helping you on your cloud migration and modernisation journey

Why Azure with Datacom

  • Impact and elevate your team

    In today’s tech talent crunch, partnerships are vital. To boost resource capabilities and productivity, Datacom works with you, sharing expertise and insights as we work together to make an impact.
  • Unlock future impact

    We leverage innovative cloud technologies so you can realise your ambitions. Together, we navigate today’s challenges, while building capabilities to see your ambitions become your future successes.
  • Impact cost and sustainability

    Knowing what strategies to deploy is the key to controlling resources. Datacom’s strategic methodology recognises that the greatest impacts come from making smart sustainable technology choices.
  • Turn challenges into business impact

    Azure offers the means to overcome key cloud concerns. Datacom offers end-to-end capability across all leading private, hybrid, public, and multi-cloud to help you create positive business impact.
  • Impact security and resilience to risk

    Every day, the digital landscape shifts, bringing new threats. We’ll focus on strengthening your core resilience to them and compliance risks for peace of mind amidst a complex, unpredictable future.

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