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Accelerating digital transformation with the right cloud strategy

Invent with purpose with Microsoft Azure and Datacom's cloud services.

Build future flexibility with Datacom and Microsoft Azure

Cloud migration and modernisation does not just happen once and for all. It is a continuous process, one that demands constant innovation and adaptation as the world changes.

Some organisations start with migrating their infrastructure for faster benefits. Others start by building a platform to boost agility and developer productivity.

Datacom’s hybrid approach to cloud, coupled with Microsoft Azure, helps all types of organisations achieve their goals quickly, efficiently, and with the highest levels of compliance, security, and employee buy-in.

We are in the business of connecting people and technology. We are known for our people-led conversations, tangible outcomes, and helping our customers stay in control. We will help you find the right destination in the cloud - and together, we can get you there faster. We deliver a holistic approach to managing a customer's Microsoft Azure environment across the entire cloud transformation lifecycle starting with strategy through to design, build, and operation. Datacom’s cloud operations managed services gives Azure cloud users the choice and expertise they need. Choose Datacom as your agent for change to excel on Azure.

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Your digital journey
How the cloud can help enterprises address their biggest business challenges.

Keeping up with the speed of change

Advances in technology are constantly creating new market openings, new ways to connect your customers with greater value, and new possibilities to entirely disrupt your competition.

As the local tech partner of choice in Australia and New Zealand, Datacom will help you adopt, operate, and optimise a cloud that will not only support your current needs but pivot to fast-evolving requirements well ahead of time.

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Evolve to meet the unpredictable

Cloud is a moving target - and it is not always easy to adapt when market and technical conditions change. Hitting the mark takes consistent flexibility to innovate anywhere - whether it is on-premise, at the edge, or in a multicloud environment.  Datacom’s team of 1000 certified cloud specialists can help you reach private-cloud reassurance, public-cloud scalability, and even the optimisation and governance typically associated with on-premise. Combining that expertise with Microsoft’s world-class technology makes it that much easier to hit your goals, even when they change.

82% of enterprises have a hybrid cloud strategy - Infographic
Source: Flexera blog, “Cloud Computing Trends: 2021 State of the Cloud Report.”
92% of enterprises have a multicloud strategy – Infographic
Better on Azure with Datacom
See the benefits of using Azure for Windows Server and SQL Server workloads.

Reinforce secure foundations

Reduce risks, costs, and complexity while sustaining clearer visibility and governance. Combining Microsoft Azure’s world-class cloud security with Datacom’s compliance and configuration specialists makes for stronger security across operations, technology, and people. Datacom’s #RightCloud approach doesn’t compromise on secure foundations - it relies on them.

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    $1B+ annual investment in security.

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    400K+ customers trust Microsoft Security solutions.

  • Signal waves being transmitted

    8T+ signals analysed every 24 hours.

  • A shield with a malware icon in the center

    6B+ malware threats blocked by Microsoft Defender in 2020.

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    90+ compliance certifications, the largest in the industry.

Unlock the possibilities of your data

In the face of uncertainty, data offers clarity. Whether you are navigating complex situations, empowering your employees’ decisions, or creating a powerful new customer experience, the crucial insights from your data can take out much of the guesswork.

Stay ahead of data’s accelerating growth in volume, variety, and velocity with Datacom’s skills in automating, configuring, and optimising your Azure cloud.

54% increase in revenue performance, 62% improvement in customer satisfaction, 44% faster time to market, 54% increased profit results

Sustainable improvements for lasting benefit

The journey to the cloud does not just transform how you process your data and applications. A migration to Azure also generates sustainability benefits from day one. Achieve your sustainability goals and adapt to changing regulatory requirements with clarity and speed.

With Microsoft Azure and Datacom, sustainability does not have to cost you efficiency: there is no separating the two.

Microsoft's commitment to sustainability


  • $1B Climate Innovation Fund over the next four years.
  • Carbon negative, water positive, zero waste by 2030.
  • Planetary computer using big data to monitor and protect nature
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Drive sustainable outcomes

  • Up to 93% energy efficiency and 98% carbon efficiency by moving to the cloud - vs. on-premises solutions.
  • A transition to Microsoft Azure reduces carbon emissions associated with on-premises data center operations 72%-98%. 
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Transform your business with Microsoft Azure and Datacom

Helping you on your cloud migration and modernisation journey

Why Azure with Datacom

A people-first approach

Through people-led conversations, focused on tangible outcomes, develop the right cloud strategy to meet your unique goals, priorities, and the changing needs of your customers.

Your trusted cloudscape

Security and compliance are a top priority for every business, requiring solutions that enable trust and collaboration. We connect you to dedicated security, networking, and data teams across Australia and New Zealand.

Local certified specialists

Delivering business value is enabled by people, not just technology. With more than 1,000 certified cloud specialists across ANZ, you have direct access to local cloud builders in your community.

Modernise and move at pace

Whatever the starting point of your cloud journey, Datacom will help you transform and increase rapid deployment so you can deliver the best experience in your market and empower your workforce and customers.

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