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Use smart technology to inspire students and empower staff and organisations.

Using technology in the classroom to inspire individual learning.

Research into learning styles and learning through collaboration has resulted in more use of technology across the education sector. The use of smarter technology in early childhood, schooling, tertiary institutions, education organisations, and government education agencies can deliver improved education outcomes if effectively integrated and managed across all parts of the sector.

Datacom can service the education sector in the following areas:

  • Crafting a 1:1 tailored strategy for incorporating technology into your educational institutes curriculum
  • Assessing the current state of technology and plans for a future state, based on best practice
  • Incorporating your whole educational institute’s needs, including teachers, students, IT, and parents
  • Creating shared and learning platforms to maximise collaboration
  • Defining security and privacy parameters.

With our partners, such as our Apple and education partnership, we provide ways to help students and teachers get the most out of their learning environment.

How we support the education industry

Enable your organisation to teach through collaboration. Datacom's digital transformation solutions will set your students up for success.

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  • Cloud consulting

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  • Lifecycle management

    Datacom's lifecycle management enables you to make the most of your IT assets throughout their life. It's a large investment for any organisation, so maximising usage and return is essential. Learn more

Our customers

Our array of customers in the education sector range from educational agencies to schools, colleges, and universities.

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