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Customer experience

Create a strategic, consistent, and connected customer experience.

Creating a consistent and connected customer experience.

Customer experience (CX) involves fully understanding the needs, nature, and concerns of your customers, citizens, or employees. 

All organisations are at a different stage of their CX journey, and you'll need certain solutions depending on where you are in the process. 

Datacom’s top-down approach to CX ensures we identify the specific problems your organisation needs solved. We offer a range of specialist services, from our CX consultants to our value-hacking methodology and web platform development. We can help no matter what stage of the process you're at.

Understand your people
Consistent experiences
Continued improvement
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Understand your people

Understand the needs, motivations, challenges, and experiences of your customers, citizens, and staff.

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Understand your people
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Understand your people

Understand the needs, motivations, challenges, and experiences of your customers, citizens, and staff.

Consistent experiences

Consistent experiences

Applying CX insights across every touchpoint means your customers will have a consistent experience when interacting with your organisation, no matter where they find you.

Continued improvement

Continued improvement

Our approach to CX ensures that investment in our information technology (IT) is measurable and aligns with the goals, strategies, and ambitions of your organisation. 

Our expertise includes

We support businesses on their customer experience journey.

The areas of CX we can help with include:

  • Multiexperience (MX): the way your customers or staff interact with your organisation across every touchpoint, including online, mobile, email, SMS, kiosks, and voice recognition
  • User experience (UX): the evaluation, testing, and design of interactions through multiple interface types and channels to ensure technology better enables its users
  • Employee experience (EX): the qualitative, quantitative, and sometimes ethnographic research, of your organisation's processes and systems through the eyes of your staff. 

Datacom's research, ideation, innovation, technical delivery, and implementation unlocks consistent experiences for the people that matter most, no matter where they find you.

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