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Local government

Engage and connect your communities with our solutions for local government.

Engage, connect, and involve your communities.

Datacom works with councils and agencies to enable connection and engagement with their communities. Our Datascape solution helps local government transform community engagement and ensure you get better access to information, facilities and services.

Our Datascape solution puts the customer view first. It can consume information from other systems in order to provide a 360-degree view and a single place to go. Local government wants to engage with communities in new and innovative ways. 

The community can be digitally involved with the services council offers, making the experience feel tailored to them. They can make online payments, view availability, and book community facilities. It enables two-way communication straight to their iOS or Android device. Our tools also allow local government to place a council-created form/process into a shared library, effectively allowing councils to crowd source from other councils, giving them access to already proven processes.

Our solutions are built for the local government sector by people who have worked within and alongside local government for many years. Our tools are always up to date, run on highly available cloud infrastructure, and are designed for the end-user making it cost effective for local government.

How we support local governments

Our solutions, platforms and applications transform the local councils engage with communities.

  • Datascape

    Datascape is a cloud-based solution with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system at its core. It's designed to create ways for councils to work and engage with communities. Learn more
  • Antenno

    Antenno is a mobile app that helps councils and other public sector authorities engage and involve communities. You can send targeted notifications based on the places and topics people care about. Learn more
  • MyDatascape

    Interact with your customers online with the customer-focused MyDatascape portal. Learn more
  • Datascape finance and operations

    Smart forms can deliver your services via a customer portal. Customers have round-the-clock access to services and can make instant payments. Staff can access all transactions. Learn more
  • Datascape Sitebuilder

    Build your website with our library of templates and plug-in features, or work with our team to create a bespoke design for apps, social media, intranet, digital signage solutions, and more. Learn more
  • Datascape Bookings

    Manage facilities and services with an easy booking and payment solution. Keep related staff and external parties up to date with an automated approval and notification process. Learn more
  • Datascape CRM

    Datascape CRM is specifically designed for councils and gives you a single view of your customer, including information across all services council provides. Learn more
  • Datascape mobile fieldwork

    Datascape mobile fieldwork is an end-to-end digital solution for councils carrying out off-site jobs, such as inspections, assessments, and audits. Learn more

Our customers

Our work leads us straight to the heart of local government: the community. We've helped to improve communications, processes, safety, and even the environment.

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